Enemy aircraft (without radar) are definitely tracking me through heavy clouds

Some time ago I posted that I had been attacked while inside clouds by aircraft without radar in RB. I was told at that time that they were just getting lucky.

In my last mission over Abandoned Factory it was heavy overcast from about 4000 feet up. I was in my 262 Jabo and attacked a La-15. Low on ammo, I climbed into a large cloud bank. I then made two random turns and level changes to ensure there was no way he could follow me.

Sure enough, about 30 seconds later I could hear his engine. I then executed a 45 degree turn to throw him off. It did not and he was perfectly lined up seconds later and shot me down.

How is this happening? Is there some settings you can manipulate to make this possible?

Clouds are client based, you can be in cloud for yourself, but for others you are in middle of clear sky. Also higher graphics settings makes you able to see dot inside clouds until you zoom in. It doesnt happen on ULQ tho.

There are mods people use that let them see everyone like its a replay its illegal just like auto flare mod that if you watch enough F-4S players you know has made a comeback

Oh god, I didn’t know that! Are the even remotely the same on different machines?

Treat clouds like bushes on the ground. They are concealment, but not cover. They can also track you by engine noise. It’s better to dive down and stay low in GFRB when you want to avoid being spotted.

Cheaters recently are on the rise. In many ground rb matches enemy manage to line a perfect kill shot through thick smoke. At first i called it being lucky but when it’s too many times then it’s clear there is cheat software involved.

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Not sure this is accurate, you can’t get ir missile lock in clouds which wouldn’t make sense as a mechanic if the clouds were different for different players. The other issue is years of flying with squad mates and I’ve never once had clouds when they didn’t. We always communicate cloud cover heights etc. Which wouldn’t make sense if the clouds were different.

My guess if the enemy isn’t cheating which is the most likely case, are predicting your patch and listening to you. Max out enemy engines and minimise your own and you can track planes at long distances.

I mean, it might be just something as simple as good crew. Which is probably most forgettable and one of the few p2w aspects this game has.

I did it once against a BV 238, thanks to its 4 loud engines. Suddenly, it appeared in front of me 200 m away and I was able to make quick work of him. Feels good to rely only on hearing and win.

I don’t think so. And if it is, we are facing a huge game balance issue.

It used to be that way, and i dont think there was any change into that. Cause i still when playing with friends have clouds and they dont for example, or other way around. Can also ask people in game that killed u in cloud if its there for them.

ULQ settings players. That’s why. Sanctioned cheaters by Gaijin, essentially.

Ground AA will track and fire at you whether you are in cloud or not. I’ve certainly used that to find sneaky bombers.

Ok so I have found what is going on.

I was in another GRB match and spawned in my Jabo. I was still at a long distance from the battle in a similar cloud conditions as I noted above. Even while 10 km away I could clearly see the enemy planes in the clouds. They produce a sort of “white blob”, sort of like a miniature cloud, which I could easily use to see the aircraft.

So basically, hiding in the clouds is bonked, and yes indeed, the other aircraft can easily see you and track you due to this visual effect.