Enduring Confrontation "Lite" - Air RB - Proposed Concept

I posted this on the Suggestions thread. If it gets accepted, I’ll link it to this thread as well.

I created the below concept, using the Spain EC Map, in order to show one-way Realistic Enduring Confrontation could work, right now, in February 2024.

I did not want to re-invent the wheel. I wanted to use existing in-game assets for a game mode that could universally exist for players that have at least one aircraft at BR’s 9.7 and above, since that’s where I personally feel the current Air RB is broken and out of place.

I understand that there are a ton of mechanics & vehicles that could be added in the future, or are sitting in the files, that could be incorporated into an EC mode and probably should, if we ever see changes to Air RB in the future. However, I wanted to show that right now, without a huge development effort, Air RB EC could work.

This Air mode includes drones, helicopters, AI carrier groups, AI reconnaissance, AI fighter escorts, mid-air refueling, a combination respawn mechanic, and a “reinforcements” mechanic - designed to help assist the losing team. Like Ground RB, this mode removes enemy spotting, unless noted within the AI/Base recon mechanics below.

Within my marked-up map, I call out “RNG” (random numbers generator) within some of the AI pathing. I am doing this to create a level of randomization between matches and objectives, so AI placement isn’t completely predictable. All these paths are not meant to occur simultaneously but are intended to occur one at a time depending on an RNG.

I understand that a lot of this is NOT original, unique, or perfect. Many of these mechanics exist in Sim EC or in Ground RB. Some of my AI vehicle choices could be adjusted as well. I just wanted to combine all of these thoughts into a somewhat coherent list.

As stated above, the following is one form of Realistic Enduring Confrontation that could be introduced today. Thanks for reading.







EC 6


Its certainly interesting, but I will say we do need a new mode for TT, the sprint to a deathmatch really isnt that exciting

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I’d love to see this sort of mode in ALL BRs, the current Air RB setup honestly doesn’t even work well for props past about 2.3 now. It is less rotten than at jets, but still rotten.

I would advise NOT using a Spawn Point system in any capacity, because the mere existence of “earn points to spawn better vehicles” is THE reason why Combined Ground RB matches usually snowball one way or the other. That snowballing (as well as CAS being a “powerup” not accessible early game) is why I suggest using Sim’s SP system in RB instead, which has no mechanics to “earn” more.

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I’m sorry, but this is missing a key feature.

I tried to make the Spawn Point feature relatively minor. A drone with 2 hellfires wont do much in the mode aside from maybe give some players a RP feature and i thought the Nuke could be a cool feature so long as it remained ultra rare. That specific SP calculation would likely need adjustment - i just doubled GRB’s but it was just a minor fun thing i put in there.

Im not married to it either way.

Which feature is that?

frustration for the players: it looks a fun and engaging game concept, with plenty of tasks for every kind of player.

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I would love a markerless RB Air EC mode in the game!

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As would I. The “idiotmode red enemy markers” take away a lot of ability to surprise people and thus use a plane’s superior speed.

Only for the oldschool AI ground units are red markers necessary out to a few km because their ancient models are so hard to spot against the modern ground.

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Yeah some of them are in really rough shape. The machine gun troops are basically 2d sprites.

We 100% need more game modes like this… we spend hours unlocking these vehicles with the hopes to have fun using them and all there is to do (in air battles at least) is furball in the middle. That’s why I don’t play realistic anymore, its just arcade with a longer wait before you furball. Sim EC is the only mode where i can feel useful and rewarded as a bomber/strike fighter.

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SimEC is always available for anybody who’s willing to learn something new. 😎


Sim EC is definitely fun but the cockpit only view and the sim controls stop a lot of people from playing since that style of gameplay is more refined by other games. It’s still fun although they could work on the steamrolling issue. Maybe they could use the reinforcements mechanic i described in ny concept or something like it.

Any RB player that’s currently jaded with the style of RB mouse-play, can find an entirely new experience learning Sim. The excitement of landing those first few kills, learning to properly identify targets, communicating with your teammates, actually having a reason to use radar to locate/identify targets, learning to maneuver your plane and not fall out of the sky, etc.

There’s always the learning curve to overcome, but that’s what makes sim a constantly rewarding experience. The better you get, the more fun the mode becomes. I still remember those early days, and feeling the blood rush through my body in the excitement of landing a good gun kill. It’s a completely different experience than Arcade or RB could ever deliver.

Learning mouse-joy is also a good excuse to go back to them early planes you unlocked, and learn to play Sim without much consequence. Tier II and III prop games are a blast, and it’s probably the most balanced gameplay that War Thunder has to offer.

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