Enduring Confrontation feedback and thoughts


Definitely agree with many of the comments here:

  • airfield AA isn’t accurate enough
  • convoy and base defence AA is way too accurate, making convoy attacks almost impossible. Base attacks, at higher br’s, are possible with planning - I’m fine with that
  • open canopy exploit is rubbish

Main thing they really need to do is improve CCRP and actually make sure jets like the F4 have a usable CCRP interface, and yeah, they are easy to attack normally. Maybe a slight tweak is needed, but should be the same as the Convoy and battlefield AAs I think.

I tried ASB out of curiousity recently, and I wonder… What’s the point of that gamemode? I spent 2 hours and got about 45kRP
I agree that I “just” bombed bases again and again with a F-105D, but yet, it’s such a pitiful reward for the time spent
Even in Arcade I would have made more RP…

RP gains do need to be buffed but its more about the gameplay, not the economy. Flying in cockpit, with realistic controls on a big map without all the interface aids.

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All I say is entice me to play with such “restrictions” with nice rewards on key
It’s an interesting experience that feels like a waste of time in such grindful game

Yeah, it certainly needs some love. Though the repair costs have all had massive reductions. So its a lot better than it was. Im now in the position that im not grinding for anything and i think that is what its for a little more. End game experience

Ground SPAA for mini battle, bases is so OP its a joke.

Secondly, the mission targets 1-22 that are pre-programmed into the planes computer should VISUALLY TELL YOU ON THE MAP WHICH ONE IT CORRESPONDS TOO!

What point is it that Target #4 is Minibase #2 when you cannot use that information to work out which is which?

In RB it tells you which is which with the green line, why not here or at least some sort of grid information? it would be REALISTIC that the air controller WOULD TELL YOU!

This issue is very plane dependant…
On planes like a MiG-23BN, the HUD sight points at the target mission, so it is easy what you just targeted
But on planes like the F-105D, you can’t tell at all what you just picked, making it rather useless indeed

Yep, working on that. Avoid convoys too, they slap hard

Yep, CCRP overhaul needed. Me and @Schindibee are badgering them for exactly that fix. One of us probably needs to re-submit the forum suggestion on here. Schindibee did a great job with this:

Target selection in SB is one of the hardest things to do currently. Especially in some jets. F4s have no interface at all.

I dont know what jet that is, but after activating target selection, swap your cockpit sight over to “bomb (Auto)” you might then see a cross or dot on the target when you point at it. Not great, but its better than nothing and suffecient once you get use to it


Tornado Gr1 CCRP interface, you can see the little green cross, thats the target im heading towards to bomb.

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A guide for CCRP

oh yeah I know the drill, it’s just super annoying having to manually designate CCRP for every base when it’s already pre-loaded, yet I have no way of knowing which is which.

It should be like yo “Yo air dude whatever Controller what is the Target #12” and they be like “yo it’s the mini base in E4” than I’m like “yo thanks namaste sensei” and off I go. In fact, you can half see this information in third person when landed but it’s half broken RB code.

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The 2 best options that I suspect we’ll see, is either for bases to have their “target number” displayed on the map, so you can just cycle through to the correct target, or to be able to select the target you want to hit, from the map. By just clicking on it. Dont get me wrong . I think what we have is really bad currently. But I think the biggest issue with CCRP is that so few use it, partly because its so hard to use and is rather niche. Schindibee made some really good ideas in his suggestion post on how to fix it, but we’ve got a long wait ahead of us I fear.


Yeah, almost like no dev ever tested it in game to see if it worked. But surely that isn’t the case…?

Tried it once in the FGR.2, but absolutely no feedback from the game on any button press I made to select targets or whatever; assumed it was FUBAR and only ever used the ‘point at target, designate, hold down commit button until auto drop’ method after that. Then I just didn’t play top tier for a year or more.


This is Likely accurate and the FGR2 didnt actually have the functionality in its HUD to display the specific target. That being said… it would be fine with a better target selection method. Jaguar, Harrier and Tornado all have lovely interfaces for it.


Another thing that used to work fine and now is broken: Naval Convoys (on Dover, maybe Moresby too).

All vessels - cargo ships, escorting DDs - in Naval Convoys used to proceed at the same speed, so the cargo ships were never left defenceless and the convoy took a while to reach port, so was a viable target for a reasonable amount of time. Now, from the moment it spawns - and the escorts spawn in with a head start - each ship simply sails at full speed towards the destination port. Within minutes the cargo ships are virtually defenceless, and the convoy ceases to be a mission target once the first vessel (the fastest, lead ship, DD) reaches port. Depending on the port that could be just 5-10 minutes from spawning. Ridiculous that ‘sink/defend the convoy’ has ‘failed/succeeded’ just because one escort makes port while the cargo ships - the ships that matter in any convoy - are still at sea or even at the bottom of it.

Who would think the escorts should not sail at the speed of the cargo ships? No one. No one would think that and no one thought about this at all. That’s incompetent enough, but when they had convoys created by someone who had thought about this, you can add ‘careless, lazy and stupid’ to the incompetence charge.

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Denmark too, its all maps i think

Yea, looks like. And the AI attackers that come to sink the convoy just fly circles in the vicinity (porpoising on the deck) after dropping bombs rather than trying to RTB. Needless to say, the attackers used to behave logically and head for home after their strike a couple years ago. ‘One step forwards, two steps backwards’…. Only with Gaijin you don’t get that forwards step.

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More like 1 step forward, trip on a snail and break your ankle

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Needs some love, and bug fixing.

Can you PLEASE change jets to props ?

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