End of third person view in RB with only commander hatch view like in sim

Let’s be honest, the ground vehicle simulation battle mode is irrelevant compared to aerial simulation battles, especially in the higher tiers, where they are practically non-existent(they don’t really exist).
With that in mind, I think it would be an interesting idea to bring more realism and immersion to ground RB mode by only allowing the view of the commander hatch in external view, just as it is in simulation mode.
But you will question that those who want more realism and immersion can simply play in the commander’s view, while those who don’t want to can play in the tank’s full view, but we all know that this commander’s view has pros and cons, I think it would be fairer if everyone would play on the same terms with all the pros and cons that this vision offers with the bonus of preventing other players from seeing you behind walls in corners. On Enlisted this already works like this and I think it’s incredible, it would be very good on ground RB in war thunder too.


No. Ground RB is Gaijin’s bread and butter and this would make players flee the most popular game mode.

You’re just trying to shoe-horn sim into RB and players have voted with their time that they don’t like Ground Sim as much as Ground RB.

This is not going to happen and if it did, it would really harm the game.


Then what’s the point of having sim?


GRB is my home but I would say GRB is hard enough for most and that is well documented by the amount of complaints it has received over the years.Actual spatial awareness is a real weak point with WT as it is.

I have given up on immersion finally with Warthunder.Outside of the actual tank models there is none and it’s getting worse not better.
WW2 tanks in modern cities,Modern tanks in Normandy,80s vehicles vs WW2 etc etc.

Forget immersion it clearly isn’t what Warthunder is about which is a real shame and lost opportunity as many of us are tank enthusiasts and history buffs .


this is… a terrible idea. If you like Sim play sim… dont try to have the situations of sim be imposed on GRB. Horrible idea.


I have to agree here, if you want to tie your own hands feel free to do so. Yoj can also use the proper offset gunner view from Sim in RB, but why should you force it on everyone?

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Ground AB is vastly more popular than RB from Gaijin’s statistics. But RB is where most of the whales are that make Gaijin profits.
(This is to the OP mostly)
The problem with sim is… it sucks. The interface is bad and it magnifies the inequity of players. Most players aren’t going to invest in the hardware necessary to be competitive in addition to Gaijin would probably find a way to screw up balancing the various platforms just like they do in other modes.

I don’t believe Gaijin actually publishes the statistics on what the most popular game mode is but if you que for a match in each of the major modes, and in each server region, it looks like the most players are queing for Ground RB.

Ground AB definitely used to be more but within the last 4 or 5 years it seems to have fallen behind Ground RB.

This is just my own rudimentary test. Maybe there’s better data out there that I cant find.

Certainly agree with your point on Sim. Gaijin just doesn’t seem to invest much into Sim.

They have released it or it got leaked/datamined I think a couple of years ago.

One of the worst ideas I’ve seen on this forum.
If you want to play Sim, you have a mode for it already, no need to convert another mode to be SBv2.


Play sim if you want hatch mode. GRB should stay where it is.


No I don’t want that.

which part didn’t you read about sim mode being dead? Even more so in higher BRs?

If they would at least do away with rotation in sim mode it would be good, I wouldn’t want to play with one line a day

Then make suggestions on how to improve/revive Sim. Trying to force Sim mechanics onto RB mode just won’t work.

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He wants Sim with friendly markers.

… Ground RB is the least popular gamemode besides naval

Third person should have never been a thing in RB, there is nothing realistic about a magical third person view, and pair it with the gun parallax to reduce pixel shooting.


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This is not correct at all.