Encourage players to stay and respawn

So, if I understand it correctly, my team mates kept respawning on a heavily contested spawn, feeding the enemy, instead of respawning on the other spawn and either push C or B (ideally both) and proceed to A, only because there’s an arguable minor disadvantage at C…

If you control A then is no problem for pushing to B instead control A give you advantage into sniper your op team spawn. A is more rewarding then pushing C since C not impossible for pushing if you want take serious loses to clear op team out.

The lemming train got killed that is there 2nd spawn. I now plays C as to much competition for kills and i like to sneek around

I think the main reason why you didnt wanted to respawn is just how respawning works in this game, as probably other teammates thought the same … you knew that you could get blasted right after respawning as there already someone watching the spawn and there is nothing you could do about it, just not worth it …

If A provides such a great advantege and allows the enemy to fire right to your spawn, why would you spawn there, then? Why don’t you take the other spawn, which is safe, push B and then flank A? This sounds like a much better idea than letting yourself slaughtered on the spawn under direct enemy fire at A. But sure, lemmings have a different point view… :)

Normally I’d use the other spawn but what’s the point when lemmings just go “W-hurr-durr-A”…? Let them have fun in their own way and pay the bill. I simply moved to another battle in hope of finding better team mates… :)


Actually it was more like their 3rd spawn

I assume you are blu then you should have the advantage unless you want spread out team of course.

What advantage? Reds are holding A so they have the advantage, as you said yourself…
BTW that highlighted arrow is a team mate, not me. I’m in limbo watching my team getting slaughtered…

Is difficult for pushing up but I’m not with you in that battle so I don’t know which br you are doing in the map.


Its better for you that they leave early than unwilling play and cost you tickets

Quite annoying if you had a CAS atm then it would change the tide mayby.

I don’t know what would have to happen in order to get me to stay in a full uptier, i haven’t ground out everything, i dont have an even lineup and one of my tanks is a full br higher than the others, and when i get a full uptier, i get that one “good” tank, do what i can and get out, since all other machines i have are hopeless against the opponents on that level.

Are you playing centurion mk1 by any chance?

Every game is different, no need to start destroying maps over it.

+1 - the problem that is most obvious is that no nation (besides USSR) has a “full” lineup at 10.0-11.0 (IIRC 2S38, T-72 Turms, one of the Su25’s, and the Ka50); having a full lineup of at least 3 vehicles would probably cut down on the ODL.

Because currently, Germany at 10.3? Get teamed up with them, you will lose.

I would feel that 70 bucks for a full lineup is pretty fair, I mean, it’s still a decent chunk of change but I’d buy that sooner than a single 70 buck vehicle. (I mean, I have… but …)

You forget that USA has full line up with M1 tanks+wolfpack and UK with Challenger+squadron verhicles. Israel can do with line up in rank 6.