Encourage players to stay and respawn

Hi. What if the first 1, 2 or 3 minutes from respawning would be completely cost free?

What if the more i respawn the more i could get ? I mean something simple like a reward boost, +5% or +10% for each respawn or something like that ?

What if i get a kill or two right after i respawn? Maybe also we could get a reward for something like this, lets say +10000SL for a kill in first 5 second after respawning?

What if i dont move the spawn protection would last longer, visible timer would be cool, the less i move the less timer goes, i could respawn, stay still for a bit and easily look around before moving out.

Also i think how spawn protection works should be changed a bit, the enemy knows that he has to wait a bit for being able to kill you, thats why they stay still and shoot you with machine gun to confirm that you can be hit. I think from the start our tanks should be able to be hitted without any damage, so firing with MG wouldnt confirm anything.


Well, its already a bit encouraged, by required battle activity for some battle tasks.

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starting with premium high tier problem would be good.


They are in opposite team too

They’ve already basically implemented this. Before the previous summer’s economy rework repair cost was paid in full. Now time in tank is what dictates the repair cost. Usually it’s around ~1k SL per minute.

The issue with players who ODL isn’t inherently cost. It certainly was a part of my play before the economy changes. The majority of ODL players currently are premium users / people who are grinding a single tank’s modifications.

Time spent in tank > Total score

If Gaijin could implement a bonus for overall score towards modification research this might help somewhat.

The larger problem and more difficult to resolve is premium ODL’ers. They are sold a singular tank for $70 and given 30 free backups. Once those back ups are out why are you encouraged to spend more money to respawn a second time? Why should you be?

Premiums after ~5.0 need to be sold in packs. A minimum of 3 vehicles per, and the cost made relatively the same. This will eat in to Gaijin’s profit margin but will massively improve the health of the game and general player enjoyment. Both for the premium users and the team mates who suffer their existence.

$70 for 3 vehicles is still a lot of money in my view, but people are willing to spend $70 for a single vehicle. Gaijin isn’t encouraged to change their practices unless there’s a consistent message brought by players: Sell Premiums in Lineups.

They do this system for their mobile game already, I think it can be well suited for the live game.

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I know but know level should able to buy rank VII unless they have at least one rank VI in their account

Reducing Gaijin income

Good luck with that

Yeah I don’t expect that to happen beside killing those newbies is fun and easy

It’s pretty simple if they wanted to, give everything 2 spawns, period and just properly reward ground forces and stop being absurdly stingy with RP, they still refuse to add the nation skill bonus they promised in the roadmap, even though we all know it’s going to be useless anyways like the skill bonus.


I rather like the idea of having a lineup of premiums like that. A thought I had was the more time in battle that you have reduces rather than increases repair cost. It might help discourage 1dl.

You get 60 points when you die give another 60 when you respawn.

Free respawn is difficult to implend which mean anyone with any verhicle/plane/heli/ship for example KA50/52 can heli rush and respawn again for free or worst anyone who use crappy verhicle for scouting can respawn in better verhicle without paying the cost for the first respawn.

Difficult to encourage. Gaijin already solved a bit of it with more rewards and less repair costs which was part of the reason of ODL, not the only one. However, there are still youtubers making content for specific videos to showcase 1 tank/1plane. Others just for daily tasks, others because of 1 premium vehicle they bought and that’s all they have, others who trying to spade 1 tanks first before proceeding to the next ones. Then theirs the rage quitters, or people who disconnect or those with their own agendas to test certain vehicles or play just for fun. Can’t control how people will play the game so its something we just have to deal with. If you punish the player with unhealthy gameplay, will have to punish everyone.


It’s very rare that I don’t regret spawning more than once in top tier at least.

Right now, I mostly play 1 MTB spawn > 1 or 2 SPAA spawns depending on amount of planes for the sake of my sanity and move on to next game.

Different thing in lower BR’s though where spawning second time won’t get you GBU12’s on top of you.

Its true that in top ranks, the snowball tends to roll much quicker, so its hard to come back. But then again, it could be because more people leave early.

Regarding CAS, the difference between middle ranks and high ranks is that in high ranks, the machine guns on top of tanks is much less effective vs aircraft, so SPAAs are the only option and not many people have them.

You have the issue with availability a consequently skill issue.

High rank vehicles are notoriously expensive or take a long time to grind out, so less people tend to get them and if they do, they tend to have just one or two vehicles in a lineup.

This in turn means, they spend less time playing in battle and thus not getting enough experience there, so they are likely to get taken out quickly and fast paced gameplay at high ranks doesn’t help.

As mentioned here, the concept of unlocking lineups in mobile version could work here as well. It could be mini lineups as well, where you would be buying/grinding pairs of vehicles instead of one.
I mean, lets be honest. High rank premium vehicles are at price of a full game, it wouldnt hurt to throw another vehicle into the package.

Or it could work like test drives for vehicles within ±0.3 BR. You would periodically get those by playing high rank vehicle, until you unlock another one in ±0.3 BR range. (you could get more of those in premium account)

Given how much effort they are spending on high rank vehicles lately, its a shame that so few people play them.

I think you should be allowed to leave before spawning and not recive crew lock. Your postiin could be replaced by players who have joined active games enabled. This will help cancel out negative effects of players ODL

The maps are ruined so I quit before about a third of the maps begin, quit after 1 death for another third. Very little motivation left to play.

I only play up to 6-7 at the most and I will ODL if I am in the mood. Its not about cost or anything.
Mostly the uptier causes me to bug out especially now many WW2 tanks jumped to 6.0 BR and I am forced to play 7BR.Just not interested in it for certain vehicles.

WW2 vs 80s is just not for me whatever anybody else’s opinion may be so when my Tiger is one shotted by an M109 artillery piece which Gaijin spammed the game with I just go. If I spawn in a WW2 tank and everybody else is in a 50 MPH vehicle I just go because they will be 3 kills down before I even get to the battle. It’s just bullshit I am not prepared to endure in a game that is meant to be fun so I quit and moved onto the next game or just quit and play another game or whatever.

I presume it’s no big deal to Gaijin so I fail to see why it should be a big deal to anybody else. Within a short time many are out anyway as you only have two respawns so who cares? No point being fodder for CAS or the uptier which is now so many years in advance of your vehicle quite often. I don’t even find it allows for skill anymore it is just pure random and luck.

ODL is like spawn camping, it’s not illegal its part of the game yet we have that silly crew lock. It’s like Gaijin are fine to punish you but not take time to make a game that you want to stay into the end.

If they want ODL to not be an issue, then make dying trivial. Scrap vehicle cost,stop punishing people for playing.

Let players use all of their lineup before exiting the game. Make the games longer with a visible game timer so travelling on second spawn is worthwhile.


You may know all ready but game timer is top left when you open map or look at score board