Encourage players to stay and respawn

This would interfere with two mechanics in the game.

  1. The game is won by destroying your opponents tanks until they cannot spawn anything, so you get numbers advantage and you are able to push and overwhelm the enemy. If another player would be able to replace you, after you leave, kills would feel pointless, as there would be more and more people coming. It would also increase average match time because of that and games would drag on forever.

  2. If you would be replacing leaving player, you could be put in already disadvantageous position without a chance to prevent it. You would also have lower chance of achieving goals of many battle tasks for battlepass. The only reason, why there is option to join ongoing battle, is because to be able to find a game more quickly with chance of it to already started a few seconds ago.

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Bad idea. This would lead to players just leaving in full uptiers. Probably most of players would be abusing this if there was no crew lock.

I meant only SL cost free, not Spawn Points, that would be too much like you said.

On point 1, it would happen before your spawn, ie game start and not to be used to replace players that have spawned, 2 you dont have to have the option enabled

happening anyway, 5 to 9 in rew crew lock is not a deterrent especially if you grind more that 1 nation. Also crew lock is a punishment because gaijin broke the game

If something is intended game design that would benefit player doing it, they are going to abuse it to max, so by allowing players to decide if they want to stay in battle or give MM another try with same nation to have better BR spread, they will pick second option. Also not all people have enabled joining in started battle. Also people, who would replace those who left, can disconnect as well if they have been uptiered without punishment, so in the end you can easily end up with half lobby gone as there is limit how long you can replace someone.

If you have 8.0-9.0 BR match, people with 8.0 and 8.3 will just leave to try queue again. MM will not put more 9.0 into battle as there is limit how much there can be. New 8.0 and 8.3 replacement players will probably leave as well. So only 8.7 would probably stay as they are in good position BR.

And I do not count on people who will leave because of map, as there are a lot of crappy maps.

Crew lock is some discourage for people playing one nation and for people who wants to grind specific vehicles. I believe most people grind one nation at the time because more nation you grind the slower progress is and you will be stuck at specific BRs for long time and it gets repetitive really fast.

Even players grinding multiple nations have some limit on leaving battles before spawn. If they get multiple crappy battles in row, with last nation without crew lock they will probably stay.

If there was no crew lock for leaving before spawn, I would abuse it a lot by leaving every winter map, foggy map or any other visibility disadvantageous map I get.

Crew lock and no other nation literally means you cant play Warthunder and that is not what the game makers want,you cant play so you turn it off and go or play something else.

They also do not want you to leave battle too soon. That is why crew lock is implemented the way it is. I personally do not care as I play one tank lineups so crew lock does not affect me.

Crew lock wont stop you leaving it is just a punishment and paying players dont pay to be punished or lectured by game makers.WT is not my only game,it is fighting many others for my time,attention and most importantly, money .

WT has no competition in its genre. So people who are interested in this genre has nowhere to go. That is why Gaijin does not have to care so much that you have to wait with crew lock. Because they know those people will wait and still buy premium vehicles.

A 1000 games ,i play fallout more recently after BR changes

Good for you, doesn’t change a thing for Gaijin.

You wouldn’t be having this discussion if it wasn’t a problem, dont be so bloody thick and stupid.

Crew lock is not problem for me. I just do not want smaller games for ground battles because that will be the result for removing crew lock if you leave before battle starts.

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Then stop playing 1 tank line up, if you dont want smaller games, your coment is a bit hypocritical concidering you just stated it does not matter to you as you only play 1 line up. So why should i get a crew lock when i know im being steam rolled and i have a full line up, why should i spawn my last unit a spaa when the enemy is visible on map in my spawn

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When did you get steam rolled before match started?

The reason why I switched to one tank lineup is that even with full lineup I barely used more than one vehicle. Either I survived until end of the game or I left because it was end anyway.

Anyway is it not the reason for a line up so you have a tank for anymap.

I was just saying why shouldmi i get crew lock in general for being steam rolled and forced to play a tank that i know will not get a kill.

Btw im going to copy you now that i have the breda 90/53 😆

Why would I want to respawn with a team like this???

2 ppl at C, I was alone at B and everyone else just kept respawning at A only to get farmed over and over again…

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Lemming train

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Explain: no lemming train but look at the terrain is that C location is op team (Red) having advantage in sniping and up hill shooting on lower terrain. I did this map quite in top tier and lower tier and C is quite annoying with bushes and tree that reduce visibility.