Electronic Warfair aircraft

If Gaijin were to add anti radiation missiles, or radar jamming/suppression how would you feel if they kept that strictly to EA aircrafts? I know that a variety of aircraft can use the anti radiation missiles but having a specific plane that can open up more game play variety. Most of these aircraft still have air to ground capabilities outside of the anti radiation missiles and have modest air to air for defense.

So with air battles it can take out npc AA followed by bombing ground targets and bases like normal strike fighters. in ground rb they can take out player AA, the player controlling the AA can also turn off the radar to help hide so there is a bit of a balance to the game play. Some EA planes do have ground striking capabilities besides the anti radiation so its still of value there as well.

This, would be a good idea for strike aircraft that carried jamming pods 'cause it would be difficult to think how a player would be rewarded for jamming enemies but Iā€™m all for it

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