EJ Kai will NEVER see 11.3, let alone 10.7, give it AAM-3 so it can actually fight 12.0 - 12.3 gen4

at 11.0 I never seen an EJ Kai, at 12.0 I’ve never seen EJ Kai.

Give it AAM-3, this is one plane where the BR practically fucks itself so hard it will never see downtier like AV-8B+ or GR.7, except GR.7 and 8B+ have 9M and fuckload of CM and manouverability.

It’s not even as good as Kurnass2K (Agile Eagle phantom with python) that sit at 11.3 just because it doesn’t have radar missile when slinging python is probably a better tactic for phantom anyway. and kurnass got 200 extra CM!

It doesn’t makes it unfair for EJ Kai to get AAM-3 because at the end of the day it’s still phantom with 9L, it still doesn’t have what it take to sling the 9L, swear to god it’s better off at 11.3 without 9L.


Its sad, EJ kai was the king of top tier just before the F16 came out. I loved flying it.

It got countered hard by F16s and Mig29s, using it to grind out the F16AJ when they released that was pretty painful, especially with the meta change countering its strengths


When this was suggested a while back, I was against it. I didn’t want to have another A-10 situation, very strong missiles on a poor airframe leading to very awkward tiering. Either it’s missiles are way too strong, or the only thing keeping an otherwise useless plane at way too high a tier.

Then I realized the Kurnass gets 6 Python 3s on a better airframe at 11.3, and the single advantage the EJ Kai has (The improved RADAR and missiles) is largely meaningless in the current top tier >1km altitude furball meta.

So until that changes, the EJ Kai should get AAM-3s.

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ITS ALREADY AT 11.7. that should be enough to tell you why this dogshit need AAM3, and as I said, IT WILL NOT SEE DOWNTIER, this plane is already overtiered as it is.


but when 13.0 come EJ will agian unplayable.

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The only reason I’m not playing EJ Kai is cause it’s not spaded.
I want EJ Kai to stay 11.7 with 9Ls rather than be made 12.3 with AAM-3s.
EJ Kai does a fine job fighting 10.7s - 12.3s in my hands.

didn’t ask


It’s already unplayable at 11.7, giving it AAM-3 at 11.7 won’t make it suddenly OP, the BR of that vehicle also uniquely makes it a 12.0 - 12.3 exclusive plane.

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you know that giving it aam-3 will make it definitely higher than 11.7. gajjin won’t let EJ have AAM-3 without touching its Brs.

The fact that 11.3 -11.7 cannot be played for 1 year is a common situation for all aircraft, the best solution is to increase the Brs of the current Toptiers.

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Would this mean my Fg.1 and FGR.2 would get 9L because they don’t see below 11.3

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No, it would get them up BRed to 11.7.

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Might actually make them competitive

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At what BR does the Kurnass 2000 get Python 3s again? Oh, riiight, 11.3.


You can’t say that it will never see 11.3 because it will, just because so many people play their 11.3 premiums to grind new stuff or grind in general, maybe you just played a couple matches at wrong time of day when everyone was playing their new shiny top tier jets, recently while me and my buddies were playing we were all playing 11.7 and downtiers happened quite often, hell even full 10.7 downtiers sometimes. And also reason might be event because of score multiplier for it is highest at top tier.

How many of them? Of course Six.
EJ Kai can dream carrying that much IRAAM

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Yup. Gaijin has a habit of giving Japan a pretty nice air vehicle every few patches, then power creeping it hard leaving the stranded up a creek…

Mitsubishi F-1 could do with 9Ls in its current state without changing BRs, same for EJ (regular) Phantom

Giving EJ Kai 9M/AAM-3 at 11.7 is honestly just logical at this point, F4 with no agile eagle slats above 11.3 and no IRCCM missiles is ridiculous


Quick story: I’ve been grinding USSR with a MiG-23ML, while my friend has been grinding Japan with his F-4EJ. My ML purely does air combat, while he focuses almost entirely on base bombing with is EJ. We’ve found that he gets more than double the RP for a destroying one base as I get for defeating two players. I’d say he’s averaging 15k-20k per match. I doubt I’m averaging half that, but it’s hard to say because my scores are all over the place - based on map, BR, and team performance. Since my jet is 11.3 BR, it means he is regularly pulled up into 12.3 BR matches with me, too.

So, there are very few jets at high BR that can do what the F4’s can do. They can destroy multiple bases in a single run, AND still engage in air combat. Given the insane amount of RP that these jets can earn, it’s hard for me to understand the argument that they need something more. I’ve heard a lot of calls for changes to bombing in Air RB. If, in the course of making changes, they reduce the RP rewards for bombing, then I could see an argument for improving the Kai’s air combat capability. I can respect that you want to use your Kai for air combat, and be competitive, but that doesn’t seem to be the best use of the jet in the current meta.

Figure i’d add my two cents. As it stands I see no issue with how it currently stands at 11.7, but “just adding the AAM-3” to it wont improve any of it’s issues.

the AIM-7F’s are still serviceable, and it still kicks in everything’s face below it. it won’t fix the issue of overcrowded top tier. AAM-3’s would make them add the AIM-7M and then it’s a swift kick to 12.0. It’s already an awkward plane technologically, and at the moment I feel AAM-3 would just make its situation worse.

I personally have found it easy to maintain a positive K/D ratio regardless of the uptier, and it’s been about 50/50 between that and downtier. IMO add a late variant for 7M/AAM-3 and give it its ECM pod at 12.0.

Still fun tho, pic related

This is similar situation to Tornado IDS WTD61 pre now. You can only bomb base in ARB, they are useless in GRB or dogfight because of limitation of advantage weapons. You can do your job and let your team lose match.
If you feed it ok, it ok. however, with me, i cannot be a ace with bomber in ARB
My friend are using Tornado IDS to grind German. he is ok with this grind. However, he wants to buy Mig21 pre to dogfight, to become real ace

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It might be time gaijin should be implemented add AAM-3 and expand BR to 12.3 for Air RB & Air SB in major update “Alpha Strike”