Economy Revision - Our Plan in Detail

Because they always do. They almost never release something major OUTSIDE of a major update. I could be wrong, but has a single roadmap change come outside of a major update?

I don’t know, but have any of the roadmap changes been late, either? I don’t recall any

Regardless, chill. They did update you, they made it very clear they weren’t scrapping it. They have been late with either nothing or almost nothing the whole time, they’re clearly not trying to screw with us

Just look at the latest news, and it’s obvious Gaijin is trying to backtrack the roadmap. Gaijin’s word isn’t worth a damn thing… No integrity.

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Yep, I had the same thought, instant backtracking. I’d be willing to bet that Rank 8 for Ground and Rank 9 for air will cost twice what the current ranks cost to “balance” the economy

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isn’t it already happened for rank 8 air? just look at how much rp you need from stock aircraft to full mod

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I mean double again. Like 2 mil SLs to but it and 800k rp

If you hate them so much why are you playing?

They told you at the very beginning that if it cut unexpectedly much into profits, they might remove items from the roadmap. They even said they could undo them (which they haven’t gone as far as now). Nobody lied to you, sorry to burst your bubble. You just didn’t pay attention when they told you the truth. You can be upset about it, sure, but objectively nobody lied to you.

Just like Ford Motor Company couldn’t afford to give their employees a raise, while their corporate gets millions in bonuses… A strike proved that to be a lie!

I don’t know the details of that event, but if it was just as you explained, then yes THAT sounds like a lie. unlike this, where they explicitly told you these were not guaranteed.

Sorry, I am a bit slow at times. Can someone elaborate?


“We dont think this is needed anymore with all the other RP changes we’ve made recently so we are scrapping it for now”

Ah, mainly the part about national bonuses I suppose? Curse Gaijin.

Yeah, thats the bit being discussed. The only RP Buff that I was maybe looking forward to if Britain remained DOA and I was forced to grind another tree

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Well, to correct my previous statement. They want to delay the bonus for having reached top rank with a specific nation because they’re afraid they’ve made the economy too good.


The easiest change Gaijin can make right now is to bring back double or triple RP for your first match or double RP weekends. The fact that they didn’t speaks volumes.


Obviously backtracking anything is not a good look, but we still got a roughly 70% RP boost recently from the roadmap (about 30% functionally from foldering, and I’m guessing the average person on this forum probably gets about 30% from the skill bonus, too. 1.3*1.3 = 1.7). That’s pretty darn good.

It was nowhere near 70%, more like 15 to 20% based on the tree. Here’s the US air tree as an example, the overall reduction was 23% and change.

US Air Tree RP Changes

Skill bonuses are irrelevant. I got a whopping 628RP for 6 kills. Negligible. I posted a screenshot in the other thread.

70 was the multiplied combined effect of skill and foldering, not just foldering. You saying “no it’s 23%!” is just saying 23 vs my estimate of 30, for that foldering part alone. Okay, if you say so, that’s not really that important of a difference for discussion sake.

Skill bonuses are irrelevant.

No, they’re about the same as foldering. Your example shows you have premium time, the vast majority of people don’t have premium time. That’s about 20% for you otherwise. I don’t know why it says 40% for level 2 skill, though, mine says 50%? (which would make it a 25% boost here)