Economical future of WT after 2025

Now as we reached F15, Su-27 and Gripen, and even more modern tanks, I wonder how Gaijin will be able to create any economical win after the small rest of real-life vehicles have been introduced. Still enough to fill 2024 with Eurofighter, F18, SU-34 and some even more modern planes. But sooner or later there is simply nothing left to add. So what will be the business-case for WT after 2025 has reached ? Will it be enough to get new players in, who buys “old” packages and premiums ? Won’t a big player-base just drop, because there is nothing new to grind anymore ? For sure there are thoughts and a kind of master-plan. Any suggestions how this may look like ?


a game like this can always do something new with gamemodes or events… new vehicles, aircraft or ships arent all… gameplay has to be the next main focus of development… something that hasnt really been adressed for years…


That for sure would make sense, but you really think they could create money out of it ?
You buy a EC-map package ? A new game-mode ?
Not a way I could think of to get a high player-base…

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They will go into prototype vehicles that exist 1st, and then concept vehicles , is my guess

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premium accounts are like a subscription service already and with the termination of repaircosts like we have right now its even more rewarding to have something like this… together with the ongoing grind that we will likely have for many years to come (new possible nations etc.) its still a stable income source i think… the main problem i see is to keep the game intresting at all… some players already have the problem that the new additions to the tech trees dont really satisfy them because they dont really know what to do with them… Air RB EC would be a good thing at first but i think war thunder should also get some kind of semi-competetive scene like CSGO or Overwatch has… well it basically has that already but mostly limited as far as i know… there a many ways to keep the playerbase alive and well and that should basically be enough to keep the money flowing… other games already show that this system works

and when i think of it… maybe skin packs like other games could be a method aswell… expanded loot boxes could also work but are a bit more gambling like…

and expanding the world war mode would also be interessting… a bit like a dynamic multiplayer campaign mode… with more focus on teamplay and strategy

im really sorry for my bad english today… i dont know whats wrong with me xD


Clear enough to understand everthing ;)
They probably add also U-boats this year, which may bring also additional gamers in.
Would be nice to see then game-modes where the new tech also makes sense (anti ship-rocket for example).

You mean ever. Its never been addressed. This game is literally just an 11 year old Beta CQC sandbox for your favorite tank/plane model


well not exactly… today there is naval battles… well not the best but its there and we have air assault now xD… i know its bad… really bad even and we are in dire need for new gamemodes or reworks…


yeah gamemodes in which each vehicle can excell in its intended role… something that is not possible for many aircraft for example… and with these new gamemodes we could also expand the tech trees with strategic bombers or long range interceptors like the mig-25 for example… the mig-25 doesnt really has a place in war thunder at least in its current form… and thats really sad

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Exactly my point lol

From my perspective you should ask for predictions; the community has provided hundreds of suggestions in the last years.

And the outcome depends imho on the player base (willing to spend money) and their preferences. The player base changed in the long term view - and gaijin reacted accordingly.

If you compare the average player as of today compared to 3-5 years ago you see the difference - they want instant action and even Air RB just looks like Arcade plus now.

WT is basically like a shooter like CoD - look at their way of development…

Some predictions of possible additions:

Adding prototypes / current stuff on drawings
Adding science fiction stuff
Adding stuff like “luft46” as in IL2
Adding real combined arms / improvement of realism
Adding larger battles with more enhanced ai bots

Have in mind that they will never run out stuff - it simply depends on the question if a significant number of people is willing to pay for it…

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Lot of 1930s - 2020s filler to add still.
And with less modeling the team can shrink.

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new gamemodes.


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well we can still hope cant we? (sad smile)

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sooner or later they will have to add here something. Iam sure they will come up with something there until end of 2024

They can add anything they want when clearly they have zero regard for accuracy, any sort of prototype that exists, probably a Leopard 2A9 with 1990 protection levels.

but tbh i find the idea of adding futuristic aircraft quiete nice…

i wonder if a cooperation with project Aces or Bandai Namco would be possible

There are allot of lesser know military vehicles that could be added like ,Zveno flying aircraft carrier and many others.They also can add WW1 vehicles.

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More nations/Sub-trees etc

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There’s far from nothing left to add. There’s still many WWII vehicles that could be added, they just haven’t yet. Gaijin will eventually run out of new tiers to add, unless we wait for even more modern vehicles to be developed IRL. But there are so many vehicles that historically existed that realistically they probably won’t ever run out.

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