Economical future of WT after 2025

There’s a million different variants of vehicles at all BRs and test concept vehicles they have plenty to add

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Thank us and shut down the servers like EA did with Battlefield P2W I mean P4F xD

Only like 10% of people play top tier, so… probably “totally fine”?

I saw way more hype over the TOG II than over this entire update of Rank VIIIs

is there a person that actually finds top tier “fun”

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Top tier is where the highest skill ceiling is due to the mechanics of the game. Yes, it’s fun to play with advanced mechanics. No, the current state of top tier isn’t “fun” in that it’s unbalanced, this is a problem the developers can fix.

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Top tier has the highest skill ceiling in the game. That’s also a bad thing because you always need to give your 100%, and that takes out the fun of the game.

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Depends on what you find fun.


Where are you getting the idea that it’s the “highest skill ceiling”? Based on what?

Accurate fire, faster tanks.

You die faster, you need to place your shot well.

Top tier is akin to CoD, it’s not well balanced.

If we open that rabbit hole they have content for the next 10 years lol

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So by your reasoning, Ground Arcade has a WAY higher skill ceiling than Ground Realistic, too, at any given BR, including top tier:

  • Even more accurate fire due to the hit prediction crosshair

  • Way faster tanks

  • Faster targeting as well due to rangefinding being automatic and instantaneous, plus even faster turret slewing

  • All = You die way faster, you need to place your shot even faster

Yes? If so, why do you not play it very much? You yourself are providing evidence that the highest skill ceiling (by your metrics) is not what you choose to play, and thus not necessarily a reason why War Thunder would be in trouble if it was ruined or removed in some way.


Two different game modes both with different mechanics.

Does aim matter more in GAB or GRB?

Is sound important in GAB or GRB?

Which rewards game knowledge more?

Does aim matter more in GAB or GRB?

Very slightly more in GAB probably, because you need to kill all crew members for a crew member based knockout, versus N-1 crew member only in GRB. So you need to more precisely aim in a way that hits more crew in GAB for a crew kill (fuel, ammo, overpressure kills are all the same for the two modes)

Is sound important in GAB or GRB?

Not sure, pretty similar

Which rewards game knowledge more?

Neither as far as I know, why would you think either does?

Also in GAB since everything is moving faster and slewing faster, it takes a bit steadier hand to aim a shot on something like a wiggling turret cheek, for example, or hitting a barrel that’s moving. So aiming ability is a bit more important in that respect as well.

Take some time and play both game modes so that you can come to a conclusion.

I did already come to a conclusion and already told it to you (and you quoted it so I know you heard me…): Conclusion was “No difference.”

Since you were yourself incapable of coming up with any differences I might have missed despite being directly asked, you evidently agree with that conclusion as well.

If your conclusion is that there is no difference between the two game modes then what is the point of this discussion?

The World War mode seems to be sticking around, even though it feels like it’s been available for a total of 24 hours for the entire year. When it was on I wasn’t able to play it much due to timezone differences, but it looked like something I’d be interested in… a longer overall battle with an evolving story. Even though the individual battles are the same as the current random short battles, it contributed to an overall strategy / theatre battle – rather than just the totally different battles over and over again like a 50 First Dates moment. I really loved the AirRB EC mode because of this exact thing… a longer battle rather than snack-sized, mobile game attention span of a random battle which means nothing when it’s finished.

Perhaps they’ll morph World War mode in to a different named game, one that is about longer overall battles (although each match may still be short). Existing WarThunder players may be able to transfer some vehicles over as a concession, but they’ll change it enough that a lot will need to be re-obtained. If they do it could be called something like “War Souls: Prepare to Grind” … xD

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If your conclusion is that there is no difference between the two game modes then what is the point of this discussion?

I already said the main point at the start:

YOU, Vamilad, do think there’s a difference. You said that 1) Higher accuracy and 2) Faster speed = higher skill ceiling.

By YOUR definition, Ground AB has a higher skill ceiling, since it very clearly has much higher accuracy and even faster speed than Ground RB, even top tier. And yet you do not hardly ever play Ground AB. So therefore, you do not actually decide which gamemode to play based on what you think is the highest skill ceiling.

So therefore, your broader argument that “People want to play the highest skill ceiling part of the game, and losing it would be a huge, fundamental problem for WT’s economic future” sort of falls flat, when even you yourself are not an example of that, in your own mind and your own evaluations.