"economic rewards are better now than they were before the review bombing" ☝️🤓

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this is a similar problem that someone else has shared on reddit
IK, lmao reddit, but this is just a year ago, people say that they remember the same as I do

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And I’ve studied the “free rp” for a while now, and all the time, I’ve noticed that free RP actually takes 50% of the RP you make, but in this case, it’s clearly 2/3 of the total pool, this is very strange and unusual… idk wtf is going on this time

yeah maybe if u didnt use rank 3 to research rank 5 this wouldnt happen


u get -60% if its 2 rank diff


I mean it does say he used M41 which is rank 3 but it doesn’t tell us what he did in it. But you’re right about he rank 3 part

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the reward bonuses aren’t very far off

I got 3 kills from the m41 and 3 kills with the m18

that doesnt matter what matters is the research penalty


Okay, there’s still a penalty, plus just 6 six kills doesn’t bring much RP/SL in anyways

well, is there a way to see what the base rp rewards are? I this is almost the same rewards as my 4 kill game (2k rp)

u got 3 kills with m18 and lost 60% rp cuz of rank diff

6 kills doesn’t bring much rewards? how often do you get an ace?

Most every match actually

check this out u gonna understand this was my last game

im researching rank 6 using rank 8 so i lose 60%

f-4s phantom is a premium, and on top of that, the higher rank vehicles have an at least 200% to 230% bonus, this is very inflated compared to me just using a rank 3 and 4 vehicle

i was using the abrams bro

ahh, so even worse

What do you mean even worse??? It’s the same gap your using…