EC-665 Tiger ARH - Southern Hemisphere Tigers

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EC-665 Tiger ARH


Hello everyone. I would like to introduce you to a very exciting Southern Hemisphere EC-665.



In 2001, the Australian Army decided to purchase a new attack helicopter to replace the aging OH-58 and the “Bush Ranger” gunships built on the UH-1. The competition was hotly contested between four candidates, the A-129, AH-1Z, AH-64D, and EC-665, but the EC-665 was ultimately selected and 22 were deployed between 2004 and 2010.
After some operational issues, the aircraft reached final operational capability in 2016 and is still in use by the Australian Army.

In 2021, however, the Australian government announced the purchase of 29 new AH-64E attack helicopters to replace the EC-665, which had previously been criticized for its high running costs. These helicopters will be in service from 2025.



The Tiger ARH is an upgraded version of the HAP. The main differences are the addition of Hellfire II air-to-surface missile capability and the use of Belgian-made FZ90 70mm rockets (compatible with Hydra 70), unlike the SNEB rockets used in France.
Many sources state that an enhanced engine (MTR390-E) was used by the ARH, but it was the MTR390-2C that was installed in the ARH at the time of production.



Photo of Unit 6 (A38-006). Unlike the other Tigers, the Australian Tiger has markings on the model.


Photo showing ARH payload. Placed on the outside is the FZ-233 rocket pot and on the inside is the M299 launcher.


Illustration of the pylon, inside can carry an FZ-225 launcher.

and video.

Armament & Specifications:


Crew: 2
Length: 14.08m
Wingspan: 4.50m
Height: 3.83m
Empty weight: 3060kg
Normal takeoff weight: 4710kg
Maximum takeoff weight: 6100 kg
Fuel capacity: 1080kg
Maximum speed: 290 km/h (315 km/h without armament)
Cruise Speed: 280km/h
Engine: MTR-390 2C x 2
Takeoff power: 150 kgf (in-game specifications)
Armament:30 mm GIAT M781 cannon,Thales FZ90 70mm Rocket×54(19×2+7×2),AGM-114M or AGM-114R×8

Potential Listings:


・4×FIM-92 or Mistral: EC-665 should be able to be equipped with an AAM, but ARH has not found any references to it being equipped with an AAM, so it is listed as potential.

・AGR-20 APKWS:This suggestion is very detailed, but simply put, it is a laser-guided hydra rocket that was tested in the Northern Territory, Australia, in November 2014, in 10 separate firing trials at ranges from 1,500 to 4,500 meters, altitudes from 200 to 1,500 feet, and speeds up to 140 knots. All ten shots hit targets within one meter of the laser spot.
The rocket motor, warhead, and launcher used were Belgian-made FZ rockets.
ARH has actually equipped and tested this armament, but we are not sure if this armament will be implemented in Warthunder, so we have listed it as potential.

Note: Cirit missiles have been added to the T129 ATAK on the Dev server, making it extremely likely that APKWS can be implemente
P.S.This armament can be implemented since APKWS currently exists in the game



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Eurocopter Tiger - Wikipedia

This suggestion is a relocation of an old-forum suggestion and basically makes no changes whatsoever.

Thanks for reading this far! Let me know what you think if you like!

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If they could replace the existing Tiger Hap in the game with this one, that would be great.

Thank you for posting. I’ve been trying to get an Australian/New Zealand heli sub tree suggestion going, not having any luck yet.
I do wonder though if the AGM-114R would be awful in WT, since they made other Hellfires kinda bad and the R has a smaller warhead, it might only ever kill one crewmember at a time or some nonsense.