FIX the French helicopters!

At present, there is a significant gap in the French helicopter technology tree (from 9.3 to 11.0, if not purchasing advanced vehicles), but based on gaijin’s ACKNOWLEDGE and ISSUES, this state can be improved by simply modifying the game.
according to EC-665 Tiger HAP and HAD should be unable to guide HOT-3 ATGMs. We can replace Tiger HAP with Tiger ARH (An improved model of Tiger HAP) from Australian Army’s to enable it to launch Hellfire anti tank missiles, and adjust its mounting quantity appropriately and its BR, like add 8x AGM114B or 4 * AGM114K to it and place it at 10.3, As we did with CV90105 TML. Compared to the EC-665 Tiger HAD located at 11.0, its engine is weaker, and its anti tank missiles are worse or fewer in number.
Then, we can add the Aérospatiale SA365M Panther to the technology tree, which can carry up to 8 Northwest Wind ATAMs or 8 Hot-3 anti tank missiles. Placing it at 10.0 or 10.3 can effectively replace the HAP Tiger and is completely historical. In addition, its Chinese replica has been added to the Chinese technology tree (Z-9WA), so adding the SA365M Panther to France will not be too difficult.


The Z-9WA is not a French Panther but a Dauphin (the predecessor of the Pather), however it would still be interesting to have one of these two helicopters in the French tree. This would also make it possible to develop other branches of this tree because these helicopters are at the origin of transport helicopters and would deserve a branch in their own right.

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oh, but they really looks same

the germans share this pain with you

The Panther is the combat version of the Dauphin, which never actually fought, it keeps the same form but gets much better avionics and more powerful engines. The Chinese received the Dauphin and made similar modifications to it to make it combat capable, the biggest difference between the two devices (from the outside) is the placement of the aiming module which is on the side of the Panther unlike Z-9WA who has it at nose level. The Panther also has an enlarged cabin, you can see it clearly in the photo with the fact that there are three windows unlike the 2 on the chinese one.

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that means it will have restricted view towards the right side?

nope, the pod cannot aim upwards too much anyway and is low enough to be able to see to either side, in addition the pod can be mounted on either side of the device (I don’t know if two can be placed simultaneously)

basically meaning that in WT it will lose SPI if the target point rises above the vertical limit during manoeuvring

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exact, I think you should always turn to the same side with this helicopter in the event of a defensive maneuver to maintain targeting

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No, we can add optical equipment above the cockpit instead of the version located below the pylon

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Yeah, this one is also possible

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Can we also talk about the fact that the first Gazelle sits at 9.0 despite having only 2 ATGMs. Those might have 900mm of penetration, but I have seen periscopes absorb entire ATGMs way too often to convince me that this is enough to justify 9.0.
My suggestion would be to folder the Gazelles together and move the first Gazelle (SA.341F) to 8.7 and and the second one (SA.342M) to 9.0, or maybe even both at 8.7. Considering that the Russian Mi-24A has way more weaponry and CCIP for way more rockets at 8.7, I think that’s fair.
That would also benefit the French 8.7 lineup with 2 AMX-30B2s, the Mephisto, the Kürassier and the DCA.

I promise you they won’t, they are even trying to give France more C&P trashes.

HOT-2s should have 1200mm pen FYI. Funnily enough, the reason they’re kept at 900mm is because there’s some random British document that speculates and basically says “we’re too incompetent to make such a high pen ATGM so we can’t imagine the French could for the time being”. Even though the 1200mm pen figure comes from the DGA :))))

sounds like russian say“we’re too incompetent to make such a high over G ATAM so we can’t imagine the French could for the time being”LOL

Exactly what I thought when I found out too: