Eastern Europe/Balkan Containment Thread

For discussion of different possible national trees and sub-trees. Please keep it civil.

It’s a stupid idea of a tree


No Cevapi for you!


M8 you can get 3 or 4 nations at a push

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This will get racial

Edit the title and exclude balkan. There’s already threads for yugoslavia out there which are plenty more popular.

The idea is to collect people from the R&R. Please include the threads you think are most important so we can redirect people to the right place!

Gimme all the T-72 and T-55 mods, I’ll collect them all.

I love how people are so against the Polish tree idea but yet not addressing this,

Dev stuff

Mi-4V [CZE]
Fury Mk. Ia [YUG]
M-55S [SLO]
BMP-23 [BLU]
Ukrianian Flag 1991 - Present
Bulgrian flag 1991 - Present
Yugoslavian flag 1943-46


March 29, 2022

“We know that many Polish players
are asking for a separate Polish technology tree.
While we can’t confirm any specific plans,
let’s just say we’re committed to finding a way to
add all the important military vehicles that actually existed.
As you can see, we found solutions for South Africa and Israel,
so there may be a solution for Poland too.”

That’s a sh*t load of things just to waste.