Early Access for the French Coastal Fleet: The VLT-2!

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Today we’re introducing the VLT-2, a French torpedo boat built and used only in small numbers following the liberation of France at the end of WWII. This boat is arriving as part of the Seek & Destroy major update, becoming the first vessel available in the new French Coastal fleet tree!

VLT-2: A Premium Torpedo Boat for France at Rank IV


  • Excellent mobility!
  • Potent arsenal.
  • Premium bonuses.

Pre-order – VLT-2 Pack

Pre-order – VLT-2 Pack

The Kit Includes:


Vehicle History

During the occupation of France in the 1940s, French shipyards still had a number of vessels in construction. Part of these were a set of ten boats, which the Germans began converting into mine clearing vessels and rescue boats for the Luftwaffe. Shortly after the liberation, most of these projects were canceled. However, two of the vessels were converted into torpedo boats, being designated VLT-1 and VLT-2. These vessels underwent extensive evaluation in the postwar period, but the Navy ended up not pursuing building more units. In the end, VLT-2 ended up being dismantled in 1949 while the VLT-1 served as a basis for a new series of MTBs.

Meet the VLT-2!

The VLT-2 will be the first French Coastal fleet vessel to arrive as part of the Seek & Destroy major update. Sporting excellent firepower and mobility, the VLT-2 will not only be a fantastic addition to any mid-tier lineup, but will also allow you to get a head start at researching the new French Coastal fleet research tree in the future closed beta testing!

Although the VLT-2 didn’t have the chance to show off its capabilities in real combat, it will have ample opportunity to make up for this on the high seas of War Thunder naval battles. This French boat boasts impressive mobility figures with her top speed exceeding 40 knots. It features a common weapon layout for vessels of its time period, being fitted with a pair of 40 mm Bofors and 20 mm Oerlikon cannons.

More importantly however, the VLT-2 also sports a pair of 550 mm torpedo launchers, giving it the chance to sink opponents much bigger than itself with a well aimed salvo. Furthermore, being powered by aircraft engines, the VLT-2 can reach impressive top speeds and make sharp turns. As a result, the vessel can make perfect tactical use of more confined naval battlegrounds to surprise its opponents during an engagement.

That’s it for today! The VLT-2 will be the first French Coastal fleet vessel available in War Thunder, coming as part of the Seek & Destroy major update. In a future major update later this year, you’ll be able to gain Early Access to researching the rest of the Coastal fleet tree if you purchase this special pack.


french B O A T


A niche French boat used in limited numbers, works pretty well as a premium compared to some more iconic patrol vessels.

Only sad that the free french flag is a limited edition only for this pre-order.


The Free French flag is paywalled behind a pre-order? 😵‍💫
I’m sorry, but I can’t even properly express my frustration with that. That’s just insulting French history, let alone the player base. It’s just another spite against the French to drip as much money out of us as possible.
I can only hope some sort of compromise can be found with this because that seems unacceptable.


@Stona_WT Is this the only CBT choice of ship or more have to come with it ?


Congrats French mains, have fun

Cool but no idea why its 3.7 on dev. Its probably will be another coastal balancing moment. Its a 3.3 boat at most could be 3.0 easily even compared to other twin bofors mtbs in very objective ways. I doubt they will change it tho.


gaijin try not to sell overtiered or mid french boat premium only to remove it to sale later and then readd it again as ge premium challenge. Joking since some are decent ones but given the track record its pretty silly.

Don’t forget those old torpedoes from 1919 but yeah imho it really shouldn’t stay a 3.7 & could easily be a 3.0 for such a light armament.

@Hyrikul I hope it isn’t the only premium if an when the full tree does come, but I do wish they might have added a ten buck more AA Frigate as the french need a ship with cold war AA imho like other nations do (yes they’re getting cold war AA this update with the Destroyer Guichen D607 but to my knowledge the french didn’t used the HE-VT ammunition for those swedish 57 mm cannons).

@MS_Phantasm @Thomas_Belgium yeah it’s bloody dodgy how they’re handling that flag which is definitely gonna piss off a lot of people.


am i the only one who does understand early access and pre-oder a standalone as 2 different things

well they removed the he-vt from the veak 40, with the reason it not beeing confirmed, so do not from when those ships are from, but expect HE-VT not earlier than 1970

It’s a pre-order because it’s not in game yet.
It gives early access later when the tech tree will be added if you have this pack on your account.

They are 2 different things yeah.


In my opinion, this boat is probably one of the better choices of premium boats of all time!

Basically, the most sought after boat for CAP is one with 2 Bofors with excellent angle of fire, and the VLT-2 has that, plus an Oerlikon!

As a Coastal Enjoyer, it is a 90 point pre-order. I deducted 10 points for the overpriced point, but I can’t wait to use the VLT-2 in Live!


All round, as a naval main, I’m super happy to see the French coastal tree finally getting added soon, and with a beautiful premium boat for it (though I don’t buy premiums)! Much excite, and gives hope to seeing another naval tree being added sometime next year, say, Sweden/Nordics?

That said, the BR for it is much much too high. 3.7+ coastals are typically frigates or mid-Cold War torpedo boats. This thing is rocking WW1-era torpedoes and WW2 era armament in a pretty generic config- basically an American PT-810 minus two torpedoes (and older torpedoes, and slower). It should really just be a 3.0. Lotta this just seems to go to all the weird BR in naval, due to the devs themselves not really playing or understanding naval and how it works ingame.

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Im sure all 4 naval players and all 0.5 coastal players will enjoy another £30 PT boat

In one hand, I’m happy to see it.


  1. BR and Tier : it look like rank III will be a better place (and a better price!)
  2. French player have to buy 2 pack to get early access to their CBT when all other country has Sea and Coastal fleet’s CBT unlocked by buying 1 pack.
  3. I’m feeling like a wallet, let me explain :

As naval enjoyer, I purchased the first naval pack, the Pr. 1124 MLRS, and support the naval part of the game. I was fine with that but the ship isn’t worth the price in the game, but OK, it was the first iteration of the game mode (anyway, I can’t check the price I paid for it because purchase history is broken).

Then, several other country get their naval CBT, even the Italy before France, and I wasn’t interested in those, it was fine, France finaly came.

So, and with the fact that only the Sea’ tree was coming, I buyed the Eagle (L’Aigle) at a price I can’t check no more. But L’aigle isn’t a good toy because of his rank : we can’t achieve task (BP/Daylies/event…)
I also buy the Duguay-Trouin, at full price, then before the CBT star, you offered a pack of both ship with a discount and allowing CBT access…Wow, it was rude to us, first purchaser! (And if my mind is good, you put another ship to access the CBT or the OBT, the much better Dupleix)

Then the CBT began and we found an half-finished tree with way less than all other tree has to offer at their CBT, it was very disapointing, and today, we’re still missing our most iconic vessels, like l’Algérie, the Richelieu and some other. That tree doesn’t worth the price we payed in my opinion.

And now, we have to buy another pack to (early) access the other half of the CBT that isn’t coming this update.

SO, my questions are legitime, I guess :

Did another ship is coming before the CBT release? And will a pack (like Aigle+Duguay-Trouin) be sold?

Are we losing something if we wait to the last point before CBT start?

I need thise answers before putting another € on the game.


Okay genuine question:

Did Free French Navy boats ever fly the Free French Naval Jack as an Ensign at the rear of the ship?


La Boudeuse did.

Combattante did.

And others

Although the french flew their flags on the bow in some cases as can be seen here (la combattante):


Why is the Free French flag paywalled AND limited time thats so lame


What are you talking about?
National flags, the modern non-debatable ones, are 500GE each.
For non-national banners, them being restricted is the norm.
This has been done countless time prior; thus why is it an issue now?

Cause no flag is free, let alone non-national flags.
There are far more flags that you clearly missed over the years.