[DZ] AgustaWestland Super Lynx 300 Mk.140: Algeria's trustworthy Cat

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Introduction: The Westland Lynx is one of the most widely exported helicopters in the world, and serves reliably with many nations around the world. One of these nations is Algeria, who modified theirs with a rather unique weapon system.

Description: In 2012, the Algerians revealed that they were ordering six AgustaWestland SuperLynx 300 Mk.140s from the UK. This followed a number of large orders for helicopters from AgustaWestland in the preceding years, including SuperLynx Mk.130s. The helicopters were delivered in 2014, after completing weapons trials in the UK, and are used in service from the Meko A200-class frigates. The helicopters are similar overall to the Lynx HMA.8 of the Royal Navy, with the Seaspray radar under the nose, a FLIR above, uprated CTS-800-4N giving more power. The helicopter is able to carry a wide range of weapons for ASW tasks, mainly depth charges and torpedoes and a dipping sonar to detect submarines. The main difference in weaponry is when it comes to anti-surface warfare, in this case, the South African-made Mokopa missiles. This represents a big change when compared to the Lynxes of other nations, which are generally armed with the much larger Sea Skua missiles for anti-shipping tasks. In 2017, the helicopters were reportedly involved in an incident with an Israeli submarine off the coast of Algeria, which was chased off by a mix of helicopters and frigates. In 2023, Thales announced it would upgrade the helicopters with a FLASH dipping sonar.


The Mokopa ATGM: The ZT-6 Mokopa is a South African ATGM made by Denel in the same class of missile as the Hellfire or Brimstone. The missile was developed due to the arms embargo on South Africa continuing into the mid-90’s, despite Apartheid being over. The South Africans had already developed the ZT-3 Ingwe, and had used it in combat against Angolan and Cuban forces in the late 1980’s, and continued with these experiences with the Mokopa. The word “Mokopa” means black mamba in the Setswana language; the black mamba being considered one of the deadliest snakes in Africa, and even the World. The missile certainly lives up to its name, being able to track targets in three separate modes: semi-active laser, infrared and active radar, being able to lock onto targets both before and after launch, with ripple fire capability included, meaning multiple missiles can be launch, each locking onto a different target. It is unclear when initial development of the missile began, but release trials took place on a Rooivalk helicopter in 1995, with full-scale development beginning the following year. By 1998, most major systems were completed and firing trials took place in 1999. Trials continued until 2004, with the missile being deemed fit for service in 2005. The missile was also exported to Algeria, who use it on their Super Lynx helicopters, as mentioned above.


Placement in game: The Super Lynx Mk.140 should go to the UK as it is designed, built and tested in the UK. In addition to this, the test aircraft were given UK serials, in order to conduct flight and weapons trials, as well as for their delivery flights to Algeria. These ranged from ZK191 to ZK196, and were painted with small UK roundels on the side, which were present for the delivery flights, and were removed upon their delivery to Algeria, alongside the serial numbers, with Algerian serials ranging from LC-31 to LC-36 replacing them.



Engine: 2x LHTEC CTS800-4N
Power: 1,361 horsepower
Max. Cruise Speed: 132 knots/244km/h
Range: 540 Nautical miles/1000km
Fuel Economy: 1.17 Nautical miles per gallon

0.572km per litre|
|Ceiling:|15,000 feet|
|Rate of climb:|1994 feet/min

10.13 m/s|

Mokopa ATGMs
Mk.11 depth charges

Mk.44 torpedo

Mk.46 torpedo

Stingray torpedo

FN MAG machine gun

FLASH dipping sonar


Conclusion: I believe that this would make an interesting addition to the UK tree as a premium or squadron vehicle, allowing for an equivalent vehicle from the UK to go to the tech tree, as well as Bring more possibilities to the UK TT, which seems to be lacking domestic options.





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