Dynamic campaigns - does anyone still play them?

I figured to try out the dynamic campaign after a while. Battle of Britain, 1940, axis side, realistic.
Playing it, it seems that it hasn’t been seriously updated in a while (although, Swedish planes for some reason were present).
There are only air battles still, even though there are already plenty of ground and naval vehicles in the game, so that mission generation with them shouldn’t be a problem.

But otherwise, I’ve seen issues that are similar to the other PvE mode:

Like, the AI wingmen at some point forgetting to follow me, and just started to go to the edge of the map. Or, the fact that the plane that was given for me in a mission had no way to destroy mission objectives (artillery, supposedly, but in reality these were (some heavy) pillboxes).
I guess I could post screenshots from the replays that I’ve saved, since, I’m not sure if it’s really… appropriate to post an entire saved replay here.

As the one who is Free to Play, I’ve encountered diminishing returns issue, where basically after 3 missions, the game just gives abysmal rewards. Not that they were high to begin with.
So… anyone still plays them? What was Your experience with them? Do they even have a purpose in today?

No I dont think so. They were a thing in 2014 when game was mostly focused on airplanes.

Never heard of anyone playing them to get rewards.

If you want good rewards for air battles play Air RB.

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I’ve played a few, they are fun but the time it takes to do them vs. the rewards received don’t really make it of interest for most players

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Since I played other (grand) strategy games, I find the dynamic campaign to be rather simplistic, if not downright stupid at times.

On player’s victory or defeat, it just always subtracts the same amount of forces, or rather, the same ration of troops remaining on a side and a sector or 2 conquests.
The player’s efforts to destroy various enemy units in game mean nothing. The amount of enemy units destroyed still remains the same, unless they’ve been reduced due to battles, in which case it lessens, but still remains at the same ratio. No consideration due to force composition, terrain qualities, weather, and finally player’s input.

The fact that the game also penalizes PvE, by limiting rewards when more missions are played, not to mention that rewards themselves are (near) worthless - single missions and dynamic campaigns - it reduces the potential interest of these modes even further.

So, the mode is kind of pointless nowadays.
However, it can be an important testing ground for AI-centered features. If aircraft carriers are going to be added to the game (and I’m positive that they will be eventually, together with submarines), the AI-controlled squadrons have to be a reality. Otherwise, aircraft carriers are just going to be a joke for the most part.