Dumb Question: How does radar know target altitude in AIR SIM? I am new to Warthunder AIR SIM

In War Thunder’s RB mode, this might not be much of an issue since targets have a green box, making it easy to estimate the altitude of enemy aircraft. Because the HUD information for many modern jet aircraft in War Thunder is incomplete, are there any better methods besides roughly determining the relative altitude of targets by interpreting the elevation angle of the radar to gauge the altitude of targets? (target range * sin(elevation angle) + own altitude = target altitude)For example in DCS FC3 su27’S BVR HDD :Target’s mark has a velocity vector and cross stroke. Length of velocity vector depends on target’s speed. Length of cross stroke depends on target’s altitude.

Unfortunately, the indicator on the left hand side of the radar window is the only way of determining relative angle to you. A lot of aircraft are missing HUD symbology for radar contacts (Sea Harrier and Tornado ADV are the 2 I know for certain, I think the J-8 has some missing symbology too, but im sure there is many more)

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If the radar allow that, you can change radar elevation till the target disappear then go back till the target appear again. It will give you an estimate of the angle.

btw, some planes coffmostlyrussianscoff have C-Scope available.

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Yes, aircraft with higher HUD completion rates can provide better situational awareness in SIM mode. One thing that really bothers me about the AV8B is that it doesn’t even provide a radar lock symbol on the HUD.

I know this, thank you very much for your help. Because in the real world, most modern fighter jets can provide target altitude even in TWS mode. If War Thunder could provide target altitude in SIM mode, it would be more advantageous for BVR.

Yep, unfortuantely, gaijin doesnt seem to care much about cockpits/Sim these days

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