Drop Bombs Series Not Work!

(My english not is good)
After new patch, Drop Bombs Series Not Work! but it works drop a (1) bomb. In order to throw more bombs, I must touch {Space} several times.
I wait amswer.


Same problem here. Fix this FAST!


You need to set the drop series keybind, and it works for me.


Seems like before spawning you now have to select 1st if the Bomb series is active or not…
Haven’t seen that before in my low tier bombers.

Has this been mentioned anywhere in the change log?


Along with that, you also need your Secondary Weapon selected.

  1. Select Secondary Weapon
  2. Choose drop series.

Same here. I bound bomb series to spacebar instead, as it allowed you to tap the button for 1-2 bombs and hold it to release all bombs in rapide succesion. This was a huge Quality of Life improvement for me. Alone because i killed on space bar by haveing to rapidly smashing it and still not managing to release all 40 250lb bombs before i flew over that base.
Seeing it now gone is just a total gameplay kill for me, when it comes to bombers.


Bomb series releasing all bombs, despite selection was a bug with Bomb series when used with weapon selection. This change was to “fix it” without actually fixing it

To get bomb series to drop pre-selected amount of bombs with weapon selection, set a keybind for

“Exit selected weapon mode”

Press that first first, to disable secondary weapon selection and bomb series will work fully with whatever option you selected on the spawn window

As an alternative you can use “Secondary weapon ripple quanity” and “Secondary weapon selection” to select bomb amounts in weapon selection. Including “S” that will drop all bombs so long as the keybind is depressed sequentially. (see comment below for full set-up guide for weapon selection)

Demo for disabling weapon selector to get bomb series to work

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You could try using weapon selection + Ripple mode instead.

Set your space bar to “Fire Secondary weapons” and then set an additional keybind for “Swtich Secondary weapon”. This means you can cycle through any and all secondary weapons and then fire it using spacebar, including bombs, rockets, etc

Next set a keybind for “Secondary weapon ripple quantity”, pressing this with bombs or rockets selected will cycle through a number of options (viewable in the top left panel). Options available are: 2, 4, 8, 16 and S. When you press spacebar now, the aircraft will release that selected amount. Selecting “S” will drop bombs/fire rockets so long as spacebar is depressed or until all bombs/rockets are gone. This mode is essentially the same behaviour found with the “Bomb series bug” that others have reported using before this update.

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Mate, previously i could just bind spacebar to bomb series and i had a always avialable, almost instand release for all my bombs, yet enough control to tap the button and get out 1 bomb after another, if i wanted to. And you come at us now with weapon selection, which is not only a complet waste of valuable seconds, which can easily mean life or death in arcade. But you also expect us to complicated our gameplay even further. Might aswell kill my new keyboard by rapid smashing the bomb key again.

I started playing War Thunder over other vehicle games for its simulated vehicles, yet easy controls. And i don´t think i´m the only one.

If gaijin should change something on the control scheme of the game, then adding simplifications. Top Tier Jets is a mess of Buttons right now.


I have no issue in the middle of a dogfight in SB.

Bomb series dropping all bombs sequentially despite bomb series selection was a bug. A very annoying bug for anyone wanting to loft+CCRP. Meaning I had to disable weapon selection to use bomb series. This is not the fix I wanted them to apply (I wanted bomb series to work correctly regardless of weapon selection) but either fix would have gotten rid of the bomb series behaviour you want/describe.

But there is an alternative baked directly into the game. Besides weapon selection in my opinion REDUCES keybinds. As you now press 1 button to fire secondary weapons, 1 button to select desired secondary weapon and then you just need an extra button to change ripple mode. Means it doesnt matter if you have rockets, bombs, AAMs, AGMs, GBUs, or all of the above at the same time, you have the same 3 keybinding you need to worry about.

Not too mention its really good if you have a mix of weapon types. I.e 500lb bombs AND 1000lb bombs. you can select which type of bomb you want to drop, rather than it just dropping in whatever order it wants

Whilst I agree radar is a bit of a mess of settings.

this is how few settings you really need for the bulk of combat controls

Man, this is just Bullshit. I played with this “Bug” for 5 years and it made my game experience dramaticly better. If gaijin things this is improving the game, then i just have another thing to add to my negative review on steam.

Reminds me of that “Bug”, that made reloading autoloaders faster. Makeing it actual usefull to load them beyond there first stage. They “fixed” that by just removing it, despite everyone loving it. I swear, gaijin has no idea when an accident actually improves the game. And bomb series behaving like a “One button press solves it all” was definitly more usefull then any tedious weapon selection nonsense. HECK, im voting for removing all side menus, alltogether. If you can`t do it with a singel Button press on a controller, it doesn´t belong in the game.


Sounds like a you problem. I want more options added. Like these:

Prehaps put in a suggestion for a new keybind option for “drop all bombs” that behaves like how you want. But a bug is a bug, glad they finally addressed it, only took 5 years, though, they didnt fix it the right way

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I have “space” to drop bomb and “Ctrl + space” to drop bomb series. But it it tells me “Drop bomb series command is blocked by active weapon selector”

I can’t drop series even after using the “Exit selected weapon mode” or playing with the ripple quantity selector, at least in the f-16A the ripple selector does not work, only drops 1 at the time no matter the selection. Can’t drop series either with it.

When you disable weapon selection using “Exit selected weapon mode” but bomb series doesn’t drop any bombs, do you have a bomb series amount selected in the spawn window? see below for available options


Screenshot 2023-09-20 031931

When using Weapon Selection + Ripple Quanity, The “drop bomb” option wont use the ripple quantity and will instead continue to drop 1 bomb at a time, you need to use “fire secondary weapon” conmtrol setting instead.

No I have it disabled, also it has no effect on anything, if I select for example “12” bomb series, it just drops a single bomb (f-16a)

If you have no option selected in bomb series. I.e “disabled” then bomb series wont drop anything when you press it. Its “disabled”.

What bomb are you trying to drop using bomb series in the F-16a?

I’m testing with the 19x500lbs loadout in a custom match. Also I binded “fire secondary weapons” that I have never used before and I managed to bomb the ripple quantity I selected, but not drop bomb series still.

Well, I found out that the bomb series works if I just hold space lol. But the thing is, my drop series is binded to Ctrl+space