Drones remain useless in Ground RB

At the current altitude they spawn at they are completely worthless.

well i mean… yknow… good for me

that’s another problem… and if i rememeber correctly they can spawn on field too.

Yes if they’re not going to be made functional they should be removed.

Drones do not move fast enough for this to be viable that’s why there’s zero repair cost you’re meant to J out after firing your ATGMs.

theyre funny to use if you have nothing else to do, and i do not think its all that worth helping teammates, so yknow i have a little fun with them

They’re completely useless in their current state.

funny =/= useful!

Any one can see there are clear problems, but why is the spawn point so damn high, the chinese one can be exchanged for at least two MBTs unless you have spawn more than 3 already. The fact that it is more expensive than fully loaded CAS is ridiculous. A JH7A with full load out and have flares whilst being cheaper even at second spawn is ridiculous.

good the moment they add drones that are useful im leaving

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Then use that instead.

You dont have to use drones. They are there for people who want to do cas but dont want grind planes.

If they want good cas, they should grind out planes.

Drones are unusable in their current state. It’s not a “want” for increased efficacy it’s a want for functionality.

Drones were added at 9.7 back in the day did you just not play for 2 years

I meant fps drones. You know the type of drones that go boom

I doubt Gaijin will model kamikaze drones at least not before NLOS and CIWS becomes a standard part of high tier.

The last few times i used drones, i got kills. Not sure how they are unusable if people can use them to get kills.

Yadda yadda

Sometimes I drop a nuke sometimes I die twice without a kill and get sent to the hanger.

Yes, having bad luck or a bad play doesnt mean vehicleX is unusable. Just as having good luck or a good game doesnt make vehicleX op. Contrary to popular belief on the forums

Yes having good luck and good play doesn’t mean a vehicle is usable.

Just as having bad luck and a bad game doesn’t make a vehicle balanced.

A more relevant question is what performance markers does Gaijin take in to consideration. Unfortunately this is still unknown beyond win rate.

This is probably the best information we have