Drones remain useless in Ground RB

It’s been several major updates since drones were restricted to 11.0+ battles. This was a good change but Gaijin has not changed the spawn behavior of drones to address this new BR range.

Drones in their current state are completely useless. The enemy SPAA is able to immediately gain their radar signature and kill them while the drone can do nothing to prevent their death.

If drones are going to remain in the game they must be usable.

Lower the altitude of the spawn to allow counterplay.

Simply, no!


On the steady growing long list of things wich should never be implemented in the first place, drones were one of them.


I honestly wouldn’t mind if strike drones were removed.

They are extremely tedious and unrewarding to use and die to, for both user and victim.


As stated, drones should have never been added, they’re a stupid annoying gimmick, the less useful they are, the better.


Simply remove them then.


Yes if they are going to remain useless they should be removed.

Not everyone who plays War Thunder is willing to play Air.

A CAS option for pure ground players is an interesting idea. The implementation of drones has been an abject failure. In their current state they would be modestly useful if they spawned at an altitude that doesn’t immediately put them in range of enemy SPAA. This would give said players the ability to see what playing CAS is like even if it’s the most watered down version possible.

Drones in their current state are completely useless



Sure, remove them.

Not everyone who plays War Thunder is willing to play Air.

Don’t play air if you don’t want to, and then you don’t get CAS, it’s that simple.
I don’t think we need to further encourage buying a top tier premium and do nothing else than spawn in once, do whatever and see if you can spawn a drone afterwards for some free kills before leaving.


Certainly, remove them then.

Thats the consensus, most of us still remember when drones stomped hard in the 9.0-10.0 BR range, where there where basically no AA that could touch them. IMO a better solution would be to have an option for a random attacker/bomber spawn like they have in Naval

Drones should remain useless.


Sure, remove them.

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I don’t think this is a feature players want / would ask for. The drones had a limited payload and as an introduction to CAS were well enough when not placed at 9.0 where SPAA can’t engage them.

The drone’s issue can be fixed by lowering the altitude so that SPAA isn’t able to immediately kill them.

Shouldn’t have been added.

Certainly not in their original state and in the current state they are in now. If Gaijin is unwilling to improve their performance they should be removed completely.

Honestly just remove them. Accept they were a bad decision and let everyone move on with our lives.


There are only two options wich will occur regarding Strike Drones:

  1. They will (revenge) kill uncontested in lower BR without any skill needed, or
  2. They’re useless.

We got the first as of release. It was cancerous, nobody could do smth against them.

Strike drones weren’t a good addition at all to the game. They are slow as F while carrying Hellfires.