Drones remain useless in Ground RB

I was calling for the removal of strike drones the moment they were announced.
Let’s call it what it was, expedited revengebombing.
It was a terrible addition nobody asked for.

Strike Drones should be removed.

Scout drones are a useful addition, but Strike Drones are just catering to the petty people playing this game.

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Yeah if they’re going to remain useless they should be removed.

I am not the only user in War Thunder who has access to drones.

If you want to discuss the mechanic then do so. Insulting the developer’s intelligence by saying they’re too stupid to remove a feature they themselves added and making this a personal argument over my skill as a player is asinine.

My “problem” is that Drones in their current state are pointless. They should either be made to be competitive or removed. Leaving something in a broken state is illogical.

What specifically is my “opinion” you’re denouncing?

I don’t care what the wingspan of the drone is. It is irrelevant to its gameplay function.

If drones can not have their altitude lowered then they only way to make the competitive is to give them armament that outranges current SPAA which is not something I think most players would agree to wanting. If drones must remain unplayable then they should be removed.

There’s plenty of things that could be removed because they’re serving no real purpose.

I’m referring to “Lower the altitude of the spawn to allow counterplay”.

Theres no real counterplay to be done by drones, because they’re set up in a way, wich doesn’t fit into the game.

Lowering their altitude while remaining them at the current BR, will do nothing.

They’re slow, not agile.

Allowing drones to be used in BR under their current BR will cause the same BS as of introduction.

You should make a thread and advocate to make the game better then.

Yes I agree that lowering BR should not be an option and I personally advocated for their BR to be raised previously.

If a lower altitude is not a possible solution then they should be removed.

I think the drones need to be reworked. Keep the current drones at br 10 but give them additional functions. So the drones were originally surveillance drones then someone said hey lets put hellfires on it. Give the drone scouting function so it can be used more that just shoot twice then head to base to try again. Give the player more to do with the drones that give rewards that help the team. Then for the 11+ BR give then the reaper MQ9 and the Russian equivalent. Also having the surveillance options so it can stay up to help the team.

You could also restrict the drone to someone who had a light tank deployed in the game since those are tied to recon in the first place. This would be nicer with the bigger maps. Just my two cents.

Surveillance could be an interesting mechanic and would make staying outside of SPAA range possible. I don’t know how Gaijin would be able to code it but certainly the ability to scout from a drone is an interesting idea.

They could give it the same scout as the light tanks get now. and people get the intelligence points for it, they could rename it to reconnaissance assit or something. Have the drone spawn in at 25K feet out side of AA range 11+ would be 14 miles due to the pan, you cant lock anything at that distance but you can still get spots in. and tell your team about the AA and maybe have a specific mark for that to better help take AA out on the other side of things. Out side of AA range, spawn a fighter to intercept and kill it. I thing it just adds to the game

This would also work in night mode and could have a data link center or mobile command post that can relay battle info to the team. Take out the data center and your position information goes back to spotting. With it you can track one enemy at a time that will show in the map and marker above.

Strike drones? Useless?

Good. They can stay that way.

Could also tie in drones to spa players to give them coordinates to fire on.

Sure, remove them.

Fine by me. I never wanted them in the game in the first place.

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While we are removing strike drones, let go ahead and remove scout drones too. I cant believe anybody sat down and thought drones were a good idea to add to war thunder.

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I like them

The majority of WT players enjoy the addition of scout drones for light tanks.

Let me state the opposite without any prove, too:

The majority of WT players didn’t enjoy the addition of scout drones for light tanks.

There never was an Ingame survey…

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Go run a poll report your findings, please.

Why? To collect data from 1,7% of the player base?

Because Ingame could only be done by Gaijin.