Drones remain useless in Ground RB

Yes, if Gaijin is unwilling to fix the mechanic it should be removed.

Yes, at lower BRs where they outrange available SPAA they were abused as revenge killing although most CAS is.

They are useless at their current BR range because they spawn at a high altitude where SPAA is able to instantly fire and kill them before they’re even in range themselves.

You can change this by bringing the available spawn down to a more reasonable altitude that allows maneuvering to offer counter play.

Even if they would spawn at a lower altitude, their design limits them in maneuverbility and speed.

Try to dodge incoming AA Fire at ~220km/h on a modern Battlefield.

Strike drones just don’t fit into the current game environment.

That’s a whole different story IRL, where mainly the US of A could “deliver freedom” by a button press to small arms carrying people or wedding party’s on the ground, while flying at 6km altitude with complete air superiority…

The only defense a drone has is its small size and its ability to launch from distance.

At high altitude it can’t do this, at low altitude it has a chance to catch an unsuspecting SPAA.

If they can’t be spawned closer to the ground the mechanic should be removed as it serves no purpose in its current state.

Roughly 8m length, 15m wingspan and 2m height isn’t really that small…

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the point remains

I undersrand the general idea you are trying to get across. However, you are acting like you are being forced to play them which is odd.

“forced to play them”

the question is “why would you play them”

Why would you play Drones in their current state?

The answer is you wouldn’t.

So why is the feature still in the game?

Because it honestly it not worth the time to take them out. Nobody is forced to play them and some people still use them.

Do you think Gaijin is stupid?

As stated in that comment, there is no real reason to spend the time to remove then. Even if it is like 30min. Some people use them and they are not harming the game like they were at lower brs.

Yeah if you wanna argue the feature has value then do so, don’t state Gaijin is stupid.

Could you provide a quote to back that up or is this yet another instance of you taking parts of a reply and miscontrueing it?

The developers love to add random and useless items to patches that are underwhelming. When was the last time you used a drone, or dug a trench in a real battle lmao.

The enemy SPAA is able to immediately gain their radar signature and kill them while the drone can do nothing to prevent their death.

I’m not seeing the problem here.

His problem is that, because he cant get free kills in the drone like pre-br change, they should be removed. If his real issue is what he claims it is, he would of had a thread demanding the removal of shovels and cockpit canopy controls.

There really is no in-between with strike drones, they either slaughter helpless ground vehicles at a BR nothing can counter them at or the slow plodding drone gets killed by a missile the instant it spawns which is some great karma.

And since gaijin doesn’t remove features/vehicles the current implementation is gonna be how it remains and I’m glad.
They can sit in obscurity after the amount of matches they ruined revenge striking targets that couldn’t so much as fire a MG back at it.

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They do have a pretty good use though. They helo me grind my stock spaa at top tier.

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Larger than a Harrier (swaps wingspan with length) is in your opinion relative small?

A strike drone was never designed with low flying and maneuverbility in mind.

It’s more of a glider for great heights to operate in clear sky’s to provide Intel over long durations, only with the possibility to strike “high value Targets”.

But yeah, stick to your opinion and refuse facts.

Remove drones, they are useless in their current implementation. Nobody seems to like them or spawn in them, so why bother with it.