Dreaming about a better War Thunder

In the boundless branches of the multiverse tree Yggdrasil, I often find myself reminiscing about an alternate version of War Thunder, nestled somewhere within our universe’s leaf. This version exists in a parallel timeline, a place where the game flourished into something greater, a harmonious blend of historical authenticity and unrestrained creative freedom.

In this better War Thunder, we immerse ourselves in grand theaters of war, inspired by real-world battles. These expansive battlegrounds allow us to engage in air, land, and sea combat seamlessly, providing the freedom to play however we like. No longer are we forced into rigid playstyles; instead, we experience the thrill of strategic diversity and true tactical freedom.

The game’s essence lies in its inclusivity—no vehicle is ever out of reach. Whether it’s through an annual rerun event or a fun in-game task, every player can earn the vehicles they desire. Even the long-lost vehicles like the Panther II, Flakpanzer 341 “Coelian,” and Tiger II 10.5cm KwK have found their way back, standing alongside speculative designs like the Chrysler nuclear tank and Wehrmacht’s E series tank concepts. These additions enrich the game, balancing historical accuracy with the fascinating exploration of alternate history.

Boosters in this realm are a testament to fairness. They can be activated after a match, ensuring players make the most of their rewards, and no longer expire after a mere two days. Bundles of high-percent boosters, like 3x500%, are available for purchase with real money, providing an added layer of convenience without compromising the game’s integrity.

Gaijin, in this ideal timeline, has returned to War Thunder’s World War II roots while still embracing modern equipment. The balancing is meticulous; vehicles are matched within their own time periods, ensuring no advanced machinery from the future overshadows the authenticity of historical combat. Each nation stands on equal footing, free from the pervasive bias that currently skews the game.

This War Thunder, a blend of past and future, realism and fantasy, beckons to me with nostalgic sorrow. I recall the joy of participating in vast battles, the satisfaction of earning my favorite tanks through engaging events, and the thrill of exploring what could have been. It was a world where balance and fairness reigned, where creativity was celebrated, and where every match felt like a chapter in a grand epic.

As I reflect on my time in that better War Thunder, I can’t help but long for those days of balanced gameplay, inclusive vehicle rosters, and the freedom to explore history’s “what ifs” without restraint. It is a vision of what our game could have been, a testament to the boundless potential that lies within the branches of Yggdrasil’s infinite universes.


This is an unexpected but confusing as shit hidden gem within this forum.

I honestly dont know what to say other then I kinda agree?



For years but within healthy reasons. Rather than the obsessed individuals.

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I’d love to face A-4Es and BMP-1s in my Pbv 301 ‘SPAA’.


As a proud owner of them, I have this part of me that wishes they wouldn’t come back ))

Exclusivity is very rewarding.

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Unless you are part of the unfortunate have nots. Then all you can do is quit the Match when an offensive unobtainable vehicle is in it.


I only need the E-100, since I wasn’t that much of a tank player in 2015 :/

The Coelian is my favorite WW2 SPAA though.

I am already thinking how to amass 2000 €/GJN on the market. I am thinking about spending 500€ a month, split into 250€ bi-monthly (250€ on the 15th and 30th), over the course of around 4 months. But I am very reluctant to start this endeavour.

by far one of the best, too.


Unless your job pays well though… personally I think there are nicer things to save up for, instead of pixels


Better off buying a 7.7 premium or some other 7.7 tank on marketplace instead of E-100, save a lot of money and it’ll probably be more effective in an uptier

Maybe, but I love the Maus and the E100 is an Upgrade with better Mobility, and I would love to have a more agile and even more unusual Maus backup.

Imo it’s ugly af the turret to hull size ratio is all off, the Maus is a decent looking tank but the E-100 is super weird looking especially with the round side parts. And you don’t use a 140 something ton tank for mobility

You mean a worse War Thunder.
War Thunder is not and has never been about real wars, and should never be.

I’d rather boosters removed than get anywhere near “activate after match” nonsense.

War Thunder was never a WW2 game, there are no WW2 roots.
Your ideal here is pure bias and skewing favor.

I prefer realism over your suggestion.

This is actually one of the Design aspects I love. To each their own, haha

What, like spending over 1200 on one vehicle then only use it 20 times?

This game started as a Multiplayer air combat Game with the focus on WW2. Even the very first Ground vehicles were from WW2 when the Mode was introduced. And originally this game was not intended to go beyond WW2. MBT’s, Helicopters etc. were nothing more but an April fools mode in the beginning.


[News] Modern tanks and helicopters arrive on War Thunder’s frontlines (3 - Page) ) - News - War Thunder

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Literally anything else in life, I would rather have 2000 for a down payment on a motorcycle than for a few pixelated vehicles lol

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