Downtier Kugelblitz to 6.7

After the br changes it will have no lineup. Most tanks are gone at 7.0/7.3. But not only that US and Russia have SPAA with lead at 7.7 which is the next aviable lineup for Germany after the br update
Praga and SUB-1-2 are very similiar in their capability and both sit at a lower br.


If there only was something like a Flakpanzer 341 “Coelian” for all players to help the lineup…


That still doesn’t help that the kugelblitz is overtiered and has no lineup


No line-up for the Kugelblitz in 6.7 ?

So bring back the Tiger II (H), Tiger II (10,5cm), Panther II, and the Tiger II (H) Sla 16 at it was in 6.7 in Ground Arcade.

P.S. : If a member’s Gaijin staff read this do something about the CAS/Bomber A-10 situation in Ground Arcade Battle… I don’t use anymore German tanks after the 6.3 BR. How I could deal with a 10.0 plane dedicated to kill everything on Ground ?


I am for a complete return across all modes, but this topic would digress too much from the Topic.

Edit: The Tiger II (H) is a normal Tech Tree Vehicle that can still be obtained.

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I can only be agree with you !

Promise, I stop the off-topic.

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No changes to the kugelblitz despite being one of the highest ww2 vehicles in the game. And now you even have no lineup.

I think most spaa should be lowered in BR but it honestly didn’t make any sense to me as to why the moved the krugel up in the first place. I thought it was fine at 6.7 but at 7.0 all it faces are su9s and su11s. With the BR changes it would have to go to 7.7 to be in a lineup at all which means it could face A4s, sabers, il28s and mig 15s which is insane.

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It definitely should be readded as its more real than a fourth of the stuff in the Japanese tech tree. There’s plenty of prototypes, paper vehicles and wooden mockups in game and i’d like to see more


Why was the Kugel ever placed at 7.0 anyways? It has no lineup and is effectively made useless, it’s a Panzer IV chassis for the love of god, make it 6.7 when you arbitrarily removed the 341 from the game already.


its more real than the vehicle they replaced it with, the Ostwind 2 didnt even have a damn work-number, not to mention the side by side gun placement on the Ostwind 2 is very incorrect, all the drawings of the Ost2 have the guns stacked ontop of eachother


Because of gaijins stupid balancing algorithm. Kugelblitz is similar to praga and sub 1-2 in both air and anti tank ability.

sub 1-2 is better in air due to higher fire rate. It has less flat pen with dm63 but much better angle pen.

praga has a smaller magazine and less armor but has much better pen.

Both are more mobile than the kugelblitz

Kugelblitz has the best armor, but which is only good against heavy machine guns.

sub1-2 is at 5.7 and praga is at 6.3. Even if the kugelblitz is slightly better than these two it shouldn’t be at 7.0 while praga is at 6.3 and sub 1-2 is at 5.7

Gaijins balancing decisions for anti air vehicles are weird and most anti airs should be rebalanced. I remember the r3 at 3.3.


It used to have a full belt of HVAP, and was rather broken at the time, but given that Gaijin has given the Praga SPAA a full belt of HVAP at a lower BR, I can only hope the Kugel gets downtiered and maybe its solid HVAP belt back


It got uptiered after the pen nerf and the ammo nerf is ages old (1 hvap 2 he shells).

To be fair with the pen nerf mk103 got their historical fire rate of 450 instead 300 shots per minute.

It’s so rare to see a kugelblitz because wiesel is simply better (because it’s a all rounder) and it’s a worse r3 for anti air


Honestly Praga survives more due to no armor best armor, most rounds just go right through from my experience, plus it gets full HVAP and more pen and still remains at 6.3 somehow.

Kugel is better against planes because it has some protection at least against the MGs, but not enough to justify the higher BR when it also lacks the HVAP and the pen, I think it’s HEI / HEI/ HVAP, so 66% complete and utter trash.

Sometimes they just magically forget to balance things for some reason.



on minor nations some vehicles have low battle numbers and these get ignored by gaijin but kugelblitz has with 1000 battles many battles. I don’t really understand gaijin.

I strongly want all the removed German vehicles to come back. And generally wish the WT player base took itself a bit less seriously when it comes to stuff like this - imho gameplay always comes first, realism second. And we already accept the principle on several topics in game, from reload times to engine/turret rpm. The Flakpanzer Coelian is no faker than the in-game autoloading Sturmtiger, or ironically enough, the Ostwind II.


I understand that SPAAs are usually balanced versus planes when it comes to BRs. But who uptiers a 6.7 lineup to 7.0 just to play the Kugelblitz?

I know I don’t, I uptier it to 7.3.

Put it at 6.7 or 7.3, I don’t care which, but there’s no point leaving it with no lineup.


That is incorrect as this is specifically mentioned in sources:

Appears to be a similar configuration as the naval weapon:


There is no need for a “lineup” to be a specific BR for everything… especially not for AA IMO - you take AA fore its effect, not to keep the required BR, and often high BR AA isn’t as good as lower!!

But in this case Kugelblitz has much better armour than either the Praga of SBU, and at least as good guns so should be at least appreciably higher.

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Well I do stand corrected on that front, but yes the Ostwind 2 is even more shakey than the Coelian it replaced