Doubt about the market

Can someone explain to me how a tank you can buy for 40 euros / gold as obj 292.

A month later people pay 78 Gaijin coins on the market. It’s crazy and makes me believe less and less every day in human intelligence.

Not everyone who may have wanted to purchase the Ob. 292 may not have been playing/been logged in during the event, or may not even have known that you could purchase it outright by using GE on the marks of distinction.

Human intelligence (or the lack there of) can indeed make you cry at times, but it’s not always as simple as “people stupid”.


A guy who is willing to pay double for a tank that can be achieved during one month and advertised during another. It is not the profile that arrives new and just discovers the tank.

there is over 2200 of them for sale. if all of them sold it for over 100 GC that would be 220,000 GC paid for one vehicle and gaijin keeps a % of the sale so they also make more money with the free market

That Gaijin wins is not up for debate. It is obvious.

The curious thing is to buy something for 78 when a month before it is for 40, if you bought the stages.

I don’t think the profile of someone who spends 78 Gaijin coins is a casual gamer who spends long periods of time without seeing the game.

Something is missing …

People have realised how OP it is, so the demand has increased whilst the supply only dwindles. Price goes up.


that’s just basic economics, supply and demand as well as prices going up as long as people are willing to pay.
if no one bought it the price would sink. if it sold A LOT the price would increase. this usually happens until the amount of sales stabilize around an average price. and then that goes on until there are few enough of them in stock for it to be considered a rarity at which point the price goes up again.

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Its limited. They will not offer the tank again. once there are only a few hundred left the price will go up. Liek the object 279 is well ovre 600 and AMX- 50 france is almost hitting 1k. new people come in they see these tubeers playing with these unique tanks and they want them too. so someone who just started today will never have the chance to earn that tank. as time goes one the availability is less and less so the price goes up and up. nothings missing but people put in the time and are holding on to them. I put mine up for 115 gc and figure it will sell in a year or so.

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I see the time invested in the event as a good investment. O292 will stay in my inventory for a while. Through other investments I have learnt to be patient.

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It was known that this tank was going to be very good, anyone with a minimum of concern could see it.

It was known that it was going to go up in price and more with how difficult it is to make it sellable.

Assuming you spend ~30 hours grinding for it, you need to sell it for 450 GJN to get more than minimum wage for your time invested.

Thanks for the advice. I have no problem leaving the thing lying around for 3-4 years or longer. And if I don’t sell it, it’s ok for me too.
I have no emotional attachment to it.

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It’s an uncontrolled market controlled only by the fear of missing out. Objects cost just as much as players are willing to pay.

Logical point, knowing this they let the opportunity to buy it for 40 to offer 78 a month later.

Wall Street sharks

To beat yourself up so you can sell it 3 years down the road. The game may not exist on that date.

When you can buy it for 40 euros that’s not even a day’s work.

I didn’t beat myself up for it. On the contrary. I sometimes play a lot because of my free time and I didn’t push to get the O292.
So in the end, I really don’t care what happens to it. I don’t play at top tier and I’m not interested in whether WarThunder will still exist in 3-4 years’ time.
That’s just the way it is with “investments”. It’s a bet on the future.
But I haven’t won or lost anything in the end. This is a hobby. The time would have been spent on the game either way.
I don’t work as an employee either. Time and money have a completely different meaning for me.

You just answered your own question.

People realized it’s a good tank, it won’t be available after the event except on the Gaijin Market, and due to the 750k for the coupon conversion it will be more limited than previous event vehicles. Supply and demand will make the price grow faster than other recent event vehicles, probably to the likes of Moderna.

I got mine through playing the event and then I invested some money in another coupon on the Gaijin Market, I had all the stages so no option for GE, I don’t plan to sell it for a year at least. It’s better than keeping the money in the bank waiting for a WT sale.

Have you ever heard about the stock market? Same stuff happens there.


This is a good representation of … I dare not write the rest …

Artificial scarcity for fun and profit?