Doubt about the market

I don’t know anyone who knowing the potential of a product would give up the opportunity to buy something at 40 and a month later pay 78 honestly.

I guess you can’t expect much from most players.

One of the reasons, I suspect, is as follows …
It’s basically the same with the Toptier premium vehicles. The belief that this one vehicle makes them better and gives them an advantage.
The awakening comes after the payment.

Marketplace is basically the same as stock/crypto exchange.
Law of Supply and demand. Simple as

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More crypto than stocks… Gaijin controls both the supply and the demand.

People believe it’s OP when it isn’t, and buy it.
Simple as.

The belief that something is powerful draws people.
Mirage 2000C-4 is OP, the most OP event vehicle in the game, but players don’t believe it so it’s ~25GJN.

Today’s “Gamers” will try everything in their power for an easy button. Even if it means making completely insane purchases.

Gaming companies bank on the desperation and idiocy of their customers…

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the mirage 2000C-S4 is cheaper because it was easier to get and WAY easier to get the tradable upgrade for. more people then got it and more people were able to sell it.
supply and demand.
the mirage has been out for sale for 2 months and there are still more of them for sale than the OBJ 292 that has been out for sale for 20 days. meaning fewer people were able to get the coupon for the OBJ 292 and fewer people got the vehicle at all compared to the Mirage 2000C-S4.

how good a vehicle is surely affects price, but not as much as supply/demand. look at the T30 for USA only 93 for sale and its at around 150 GJN but its not really OP compared to tech tree vehicles at that BR.

that and the Mirage 2000C-S4 is basically identical to the tech tree S5 version making it WAY less attractive to pay larger sums for.