Dont bother playing tanks

The SAV is 3.7 and fires a 120mm machine gun. Yes, you can kill it with a .50 cal, but there are usually at least 5 on the Swedish team and the game disintegrates quickly. Gaijin doesnt think about these things when they come up with a new B.S. vehicle to put in…

and 3.7 like the KV1 is 3.7… Going back to just playing air. Not fun to play tanks anymore. Its been getting worse and worse, but this is the straw that broke THIS camel…


Oh man, if only there were other BRs to choose from for playing.



So to be clear, you’re not playing all of ground battles because of 2 OP tanks at 1 BR?

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Let me get this stright, you are saying there is a 120mm MG at 3.7

No, but there might as well be. The SAV 20.12.48 has a 120 mm gun with a 1.2 second reload at 3.7. It’s on sale right now so we’re seeing a lot of them.

Wow i just test drove it, surely its a mistake, like a typo

Nope. That is historically accurate and it has been ingame for 4 years like this. It has a ready rack of 6 rounds and every round in the ready rack has a 1.2 second reload.

Swedish engineers are the only rivals to German engineers on crack.

Strongest German engineer:

Weakest Swedish engineer:


That made me smile, thanks!

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Just shoot HE at them. Every tank from 2.0-7.0 that has an HE or HEAT round should have at least 3 shells of HE/HEAT on board for popping open-top vehicles.

Its been out for years. Its only an issue due to it being spammed. Same issue that happens whenever any premium is on sale.

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Cool deal with it, this is what happens with every sale also this isn’t a new vehicle its a old vehicle from long before you joined as it’s clear.

Yeah and the moment its rack of rounds are empty it has a pretty long ass reload afterwards.

Yes, but for the 6 rounds in that ready rack, it’s an insane tank.

If you know what your doing sure, if you don’t not really

I think the main issue is that mostly experienced players are using it to dominate against new players (it has a low br of 3.7). Experienced players play it to the strengths of reload and speed, taking care not to get shot with its thin armor. Experienced opponents of the SAV can easily .50 cal it, one hit KO it (only has 3 crew) or shoot it anywhere with a HE round. The main issue is that players haven’t learned enough about the game once they reach this BR bracket to effectively counter one-trick vehicles like the SAV.

How many nations have 12.7mg as secundaire weapons in 3.7 br? I don’t think a lot and few nations that have USA verhicles in they tech tree have 12.7mg on they tanks.

All true but I am sure the Gaijin donkey army will appear to tell you are somehow wrong. It is so OP I bought it and now I seal club with it.

It was so successful I got my entire Sweden line up from 2.7 to 3.7 in a few games.

Guess what ,now Gaijin have taken all out cash for this 3.7 beast they will screw us all over by jacking it to 4.3 where it fits no line up at all and is useless. Just avoid 3-4 BR for a few months and you will be fine.

Watch this space :)

SAV weak penetration, should be BR 3.0.