Dont bother playing tanks

Expect the SAV soon on a new BR now that Gaijin earned a big pile of cash again ^^
I stay away from 3.7 and I use a 5.0 lineup to prevent getting downtiers ^^. In one or two weeks everyone needs a new toy because it gets boring. It’s the same with event vehicles. Everyone wanted the TOG II now you see it only once in a while.

So bunch of newbies driving around in SAVs feeling invincible? Sign me up for farming them up:)

SAV is going to be much more annoying when hype dies out and only experienced players will be driving it again, then you have bunch of sneaky buggers on you, that are not easy to deal with.

I’ve been playing a lot of rank 3 during the last few days and I’ve been killed by a SAV once. They don’t seem as prevalent as this thread suggests.

The pen with the SAV round isnt OP. KV-2 can shrug off most rounds, Sherman can take a few hits as well all while being able to be killed by a machine gun. the reload time is only for 6 shells, after that you have to reload the ready rack which is really slow.