Don't allow players with premium vehicles at any BR, where they don't have tech tree vehicles yet

How often will be this topic discussed and Gaijin will do nothing against it !!!

Match 1: 4 players with a10a and all are below lvl 20
Match 2: 5 KVTs, one spawn gamers all below lvl 40
and so on and so on.

… The developers will be nothing to change it. I already open issue tickets, sent articles and do more and more.

But hey ?!?!?! Know what ??? Those new gamers are those who are spending money and buying vehicles. Those who are already in the game long time they are investing nearly no more money because they can grind nearly everything what they want.

So it is useless to discussed and cry about the One Spawn Premium players.
Instead find a way to deal with it.

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For the ridicilous demand of 65€ for a single Vehicle which is more or as much than what Red Dead 2, Elden Ring, Tekken 8 etc. cost they should give you a ‘Top Tier Pack’ instead with two Vehicles like M1 KVT+Wolfpack, TURMS+2S38 etc. this would increase the value of the pack and stop all this ODL at 10BR

Or maybe they should make another Ground Mode where you just get a single Spawn like in Air Realistic because else it is entirely unbalanced and random to have Team vs Team Matches decided by who has the more people respawning in a Match…

They could easily make it so that you cannot make single vehicle lineups, so that you cannot use a premium vehicle without a TT vehicle within 1 BR of it.

I still think EVERYTHING should have 2 spawns, because ultimately people want to play a certain vehicle because they enjoy it or because they want to spade it etc, having 2 spawns pretty much ensures there is as much reason possible to spawn at least twice.

Also opens up the ability to nerf the most OP garbage by giving it a single spawn and give the worst vehicles a third spawn.

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The thing is one will say that tank is op other that its pure garbage

Gaijin doesn’t care one bit what people say anyways, they just do whatever their dAtA suggests no matter how stupid or insane it is.

But there’s plenty of vehicles that suck at their BR but can’t go down because of compression Gaijin refuses to fix, so you remove an extra spawn instead and you can add one in the opposite situation.

We should have boss fights for every Tier like in many other games. You play Tier I tanks/aircrafts and research a Tier II vehicle? Win the boss fight to level up before you can use it. You buy a Tier VII premium vehicle? Win the boss fight to prove your skills before you can take part in Tier VII battles. Look at other games, this is well accepted and not uncommon.

What other MP Games for example?

Which ones are like War Thunder with Tanks? What kind of Bossfight are you supposed to be having in this Game? Jagdtiger with Maus Armor and LRF/Thermals?

Yeah go buy a sport car and prove it you can drive it like you should to or dont use it. WTF is that thinking

Too expensive for the game’s economy. It’s easier to make a selection by account level and thus a lvl 100 will play with a lvl 100 even if he has a rank 3 technique, and a beginner will play against a beginner even if he has the premiums of a rank 7 technique.

And other games give access to armor and weapons depending on your LVL. You can´t use a looted or bought LVL 15 sword or helmet unless you have at least that player LVL. That´s common and no one makes a big deal about it.

PvE death match against a bunch of tanks on that Tier. Not as hard as existing Arcade Assault but lets say 4 waves of 4 enemies. More like the single player missions we already have for airplanes.


So you´d better take some special driving lessons before you buy a 300 kph car or at least test drive it.

In game the boss fight could be before you hand over your GE if you prefer that.

Gaijin loses money because not every boon can solve the mission and buy the vehicle? Poor gaijin! Give them optional training missions to learn how to play when they fail the boss fight and let them try again! This would be a win-win for everyone.

The matchmaker is based on BR for a good reason. It´s easier to limit the vehicle´s BR to 10% of player LVL. Access to 6.7 vehicles could be free for players with LVL 67 and more. With lower player LVL you have to win the boss fight to get access.

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So they would do 2x as much as they do now.
The only issue is that 2*0 is still 0.

And have half of your team leave after 1 death while the enemy has fewer premium users.

I mean the tanks people call OP are generally stronger than the others. Of course there are a lot of exceptions, but this is true.

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What? Your response makes zero sense

Which part?

Pretty good thinking actually because the amount of people that buy a sports car and subsequently wreck it in their first week of owning it (or even the first hours) is kind of shockingly high.

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one thing they could do is, you can only enter battle with a rank 7 tank if you have at least 1 other tank of rank 6.

but, even if they do this ppl can just exit battle anyway.

They could, but it would happen less because the chances of them bringing a full lineup are larger.

well, most of them wont have a full lineup.

although if they BUY a premium, in some cases they can also have a researchable tank from that rank. one of those you get from being in a squadron.

That’s why Gaijin needs to consider bundling premiums - and instead of charging 70 bucks for 1 vehicle, maybe charge 70 bucks for a lineup of 3 that complement eachother at the same (or nearly the same, i.e. 10.0/10.3) BR rating so that people do have something to bring to the table.

yea that would be nice, buuut im gona guess $$ speaks louder

oh maybe they could bundle it with a squadron vehicle. i mean you would research it for free anyway…