Don't allow players with premium vehicles at any BR, where they don't have tech tree vehicles yet

This is i think pretty straight forward. And it’s especially horrible fter sales. A completly new player creates an account, and immediately buys a rank 6-7 premium, and goes into a match, while knowing absolutely nothing about the game.

These players just ruin the games of every player in that match.
Not only that, but then, they discover the tank assault mode, and make it absolutely impossible to win any match, because they are just constantly dying, popping smoke everywhere, and getting zero kills.
Here is a great example:

So i suggest to either not allow players to buy a premium vehicle at a BR range, where they have no tech tree vehicle unlocked at the same BR.

For example, to buy the Leo 2 (Pzbtl 123), a player would have to have at least a single tech tree vehicle unlocked at 10.3

A second option would be to allow them to buy it, but not allow them to get into any real pvp or pve matches, until the smae condition is met that i previously mentioned. They should have the ability to play custom matches in it, but not AB, RB, Sim, or assault modes.
This could also help against bot accounts using high rank premiums, since they would need to grind out a similar BR tech tree vehicle as the premium they are using.

If you have a rank X vehicle in a tech tree, you should be able to buy/use a rank X premium in other trees.

Another way could be done, that is similar to the “join already active matches” option in the settings.
If you turn this new option off, then you would not be matched with players at a BR, where they don’t have a TT vehicle.
For example, you want to play at 9.0 (let’s assume you would get a 9.0 game) with this option turned off, then you would only get to play against, and with players that have at least a 8.0 tech tree vehicle.


Oh dude, thats nothing, this poor guy spent $1000 so far.

But I agree and Gaijin wont because people like I mentioned spent $1000 on packs and may or may not ever play the game again


This guy at least has tech tree vehicles at that BR. He is still trash, tho. Sadly these exists too.

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He didnt though, he bought all the packs then played until he unlocked the top vehicles and started playing them. Credit for I guess playing all those games to unlock the top tanks.

70 kills in rank 7 will not get you a top tier vehicle.

i mean he likely used normal tanks too. at least.

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What about stats padding on alt account?

My XBOX account is still Lv.20 but has some prem jets and prem Rank4 props.

What do you mean?

Ya here’s his American lineup, he played a couple tanks after the fact but 90% of the games are premiums and his poor teammates have to suffer.

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I mean… my XBOX account doesn’t have any TT jets rn so, you think I shouldnt enter Jet RB games even I have experience on my main account?

Alt accounts are against the TOS anyway.

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Moot to argue over exceptions.

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Not really if that account was registered in different consoles.

I asked to grom who is part of Gaijin employee in old forum because I don’t want to break EULA and TOS but, he told me it is fine.

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I would probably support a minimum rank to attain a premium like rank 4 but from a business perspective I wouldn’t want to create the barrier to spend money/entry too great as to diminish consistent and ongoing income.

This is understandable, but it still ruind player experience, which is also important.

It will fix the problem with noobs filling up top tier but kills players who are good trying to grind to top tier in a tree
So maybe a level limit or something on the higher brs

So how should the game identify exceptions?

That is by no means meaningless.


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Well if i wanted to play on xbox for some reason i would have to

You can get high level by playing at rank 1, and that does not give you much more knowledge than being a noob, if you just decide to go to top tier.

Gaijin isn’t going to balance the existence of premium vehicles.

They might be bullied in to providing lineups of premium vehicles and selling them as part of a bundle as they already do in WT Mobile.

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