Don't allow players with premium vehicles at any BR, where they don't have tech tree vehicles yet

You seem to be awful interested in telling me I’m wrong and that your way is the best way, so… it’s kind of implied mate.

Besides, this entire argument is by and large entirely hypothetical because we all know the snail will not limit premium sales in any way, shape, or form because it has a direct impact to their bottom line, so chances of that ever happening are about as high as hell suddenly finding itself at 0 Kelvin.

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What I want to say is that a new player will always be a useless teanmate or a free kill for someone at any BR, and we can’t blame them because we all started like that. Yeah, it’s better they start at 1.0 but everybody has the right of playing whatever they want. And I think most of new players start in 1.0, not spending 60$ in the first day for buying a top tier.

The part of realistic low rank limitation was because someone said that you shouldn’t be able to use a 1.0 in a 11.0 lineup because that was not realistic, not anything related about the premium vehicles. I think he said It because of the meme vehicles. So I reply that there are some realistic aspects more important to fix before that.

And then, you can just look at EDIT2 of the original post.

With that implemented, old players, that grinded to top tier genuenly, would have an option, that prevents the MM to place them in matches with wallet warriors.
Since not everybody would use this option, wallet warriors could buy any top tier vehicles, and even play them.
So everybody would be happy.

Even so, when you realise, that with this implemented, wallet warriors at top tier would face less good players, so they could actually do something, and not have 1 kills every 20 games.

You would be surprised how many seem to do just that - I mean it has just been Christmas so maybe there was a lot of disposable income floating around but still, it does happen an awful lot.

Well no, it isn’t, but it is funny. Sometimes. If they just bring low tier stuff to bail out of when they don’t like a map or match that’s an entirely different discussion right there. This discussion is more about people who have 1 high tier premium and a bunch of rank 1 or 2 or 3 vehicles they bring to a battle (if they even do that and not one death leave).

Meme tanks only work if you know where to aim and how to get the most out of it - new players won’t know :)

Yes. Playewrs meming will have a TT top tier vehicle. So they likely know what they are doing. Especially if the use some derp tanks, like the Ho-Ro. Those are more than capable of killing any tank in the game, and it is not undeared of, thatthey get multiple kills. When exactly will a wallet warrior get even a single kill? Yeah, maybe 1x every 10-20 games.

On discounts and vacations is always worse, and the hour you play affects a lot too, at some hours is a pain playing. I don’t really look a lot at what teammates do like leaving the battle, I preffer not to look at some things do the best I can and enjoy the game. So maybe is worse that what I think, but we all know that won’t change and I still think they have all the rights to do it, buying a top tier first day is not a good idea but you can do It.
And at least modern tanks are easier to use than the old ones, the problem is that you fight more good players.
At the end of the day it’s a game and its purpose is to have fun so meme vehicles are probably some of the best things of the game. But as I said, that was a reply to that player, nothing important in this topic.

I respect this community answers and your idea is that scaring new players away from WT and moving to WoT instead. In some nation you can get a full set up like USSR, USA and Israel which is full prem packs anyway. You need minimum 3 verhicles set up and don’t need verhicles with the same br at all.

I don’t tell people how to spend they money because that is not my business at all and forbid them buying prem verhicles to join top tier battles.

I do that but at some point there’s always that one match that will just… yeah. Not work out very well and then you do start wondering if it’s you, and you check, and then it’s like nope, nope, it’s not me, it’s just that 10 out of 16 people left after 1 death. At least, 10.3 Germany is like that right now which is a pain because I’m trying to grind out the last bits of the tech tree.

The pain points really are 10.3 Germany and 10.0 Russia right now - get teamed with either in a match at those BR’s and your chances of losing go up significantly purely because half your team will be gone after a few minutes.

Both EDIT 1/2 and Main post ideas are terrible,…

And i’m closer to your wants than anyone here,… yet your ideas are terrible,… you better look out for other systems,…

Yet i’m that some ideas i put in this thread(even if people overlooked it,…), are far better for anyone,… in comparison to yours there is no doubt.

Then explain why edit2 is terrible

Because it is currently making you unable to found more than 40% of currently playing peoples,… which all didn’t activated your option button,… → let’s be fair and call 50/50 option

That’s only 20% players against/with the MM can make you play

Therefore you are currently creating a way to wait more and more for battles → i’m somehow already have to wait between 30 seconds to 3 mins

×5 → that’s a game every 2.5 mins to 15 mins,… for less than 5 mins of plays (in aircrafts/average) and 10 mins of plays (tanks/average)

No thank you,… but the idea is terrible.

I largely prefer my “4 to 3” rank rules for new players to avoid them being stupid at high tier after they never played a single match in low tier.

In which they only have to play about 50-70 battles to play whatever rank 5+ premium.

Could you rephrase it, because it is hard for me to understand. I get the general meaning, but i want to get it fully.

Bout 60% players in high tiers doesn’t correspond to the EDIT2 option.

imagining that EDIT2 option is done, i give you 20% of current players of top-tier to be able AND willing to use your button.

→ 20% of people for Matchmaking = 5 times the Current Queue time for experienced players unwilling to see new players

→ i’ll add now that it’s not protecting you as your option will make new players to spam their aircrafts for a thousand battles then enable your option to use the same aircraft, the same way

In resume: Terrible & Useless

I prefer my proposal, forcing new players to learn some basics before playing high tier.

If you do not want it, then don’t eneble it. Simple as that. Plus you don’t know how many actual players would use it.

It is not about how many matches you play.

Knowledge at rank 2-3 is not applicable at top tier. That’s why actually grinding at least 1 top tier TT tank will give you more knowledge, as well as a smooth transition is gameplay and tactics.

From the look of this thread : only you,…

It’s about not having useless people → hence a better base experience is preferable

Basics are basics,… they always are useful,…

Even today aircrafts uses same maneuvers than old Biplanes/Triplanes → the difference is about speed, engine power, and turn radius.

In low tier you have to learn how to aim a gun how to place yourself to look around for maps in Ground battles,…

So many thing you would have no time to do once you play high tier,… → the gameplay in high tier is much more aggressive than lower tiers

You can’t expect people to wait aslong as you ask to play high tier premium (see the thread → it’s a crusade against your ideas)

But you can give them a bit of knowledge,… which would helped them for sure when trying to learn the modern stuff → because they still could rely on the old way to aim and shoot at people (and it works the same, you don’t have a bonus of penetration by using the Laser rangefinder, you know)

Therefore even basis from playing rank1 and 2, for about 50-70 hours, would make people buying high tier (rank5+) premium vehicule more acceptable.

(Btw if they didn’t learned anything for 70hours they won’t learn anything for the 500hours grind you proposed,… so at some point you might let it go)

Yeah. You might learn where to shoot a Tiger, and how to angle. And then, you buy your new and shiny top tier premium, and try to angle against a dart… We will see how well it goes. Or you aim for cupolas in low tier, and possible 1shot the tank. Do that at top tier, and the best you can expect is killing a single crew member.
Or at lower tier, you can reasonably peak in hull down with a tank with sufficient armor, and just sit there. At top tier, you haven’t even finished peaking and your barrel and/or breech is already destroyed.
Or you just get sniped from across the map, either by a tank, or by a skycancer.
At lower tier, you can use even solidshot, aim at a spot, and expect some damage at least, if not a kill. At top tier, you have to place your shots much more carefully, especially after they added spall liners.
Players are also mor careful about ammo loadouts at higher tiers, and you will see Leos, Leclercs, Type 90s/10s taking only enough ammo to fill up the ready rack, and not the hull rack, while at lower tier, players just use more ammo → easier to hit it by accident.
There are alos much less “magic fueltanks” at lower tier, that either eats up all the shrapnel, or just gets destroyed.
Same will all the overlapping plates, thanks to composite screens and ERA, making volumetric eat your shot in the side of a tank.
And then, little MichaelWittman_sniper_pro_69_DE comes to the forums crying about russian bias.

Also, grinding out a single rank 7 (so let’s just say, you need a rank lower rank TT tank to get a premium. meaning you need to have a rank 7 for a rank 8 premium, rank 6 for a rank 7 premium, and so on) tank is not that hard. Especially if you learn to play somewhat well with it.
It took me ~2 months to get a Challenger 2, only focusing on 2 lines (The Ch and the Vickers line).
You could argue, that since i am better than a new player, it took me way shorter to get there.
Well, you just need to look at my stats with those british tanks. The only ones with good stats (for me) are the Challenger (the curiser tank), and the Cent Mk 10, and the Vickers Mk 1. All the rest are just painfully trash, and useless tanks. I also skipped things, like Cent Mk 1, and Charioteer using the 5.0 lineup, since the 17 pdr at 6.0 would be just a torture.
So i ended up losing a lot of 30% research bonuses, as well as performing worse due to the tanks being trash.

Now, look at my Chinese tanks. i got to the CM11 in the same time, while grinding the whole tree. I had in general much better stats in the tanks, and i also enjoyed playing them.

A friend of mine, who is a new player, he got to the Type 59 in the same time (or even less time). And he is the textbook definition of a new player gradually learning to play.

Another thing is, that what i see, these wallet warriors buying the new shiny top tier premium, playing ~100 games in it, realising that they are horrible with it, and instead of going back to rank 1, either leave the game, or just play PVE, making it almost impossible to win a match there, because 80% of the team are made of these “players”.
What i propose would also help people not spending a lot of money on something they will not use.

Well, i am a good counterexample.

When i started playing WoT (in 2011-12), for a good 3-4 years i was extremely bad at the game. I also had a lot of premium vehicles (tho i did not spend money on the game, i just spammed giveaways with like 20 accounts xd), and you can see many of them on my statcard having terrible stats (these are usually tank that were out of meta when i got a good player, so i did not play them, and did not 'correct" those stats).
Whenever i played these high tier premiums, i was almost alway in the bottom of my team, i was basically useless.
But them, i started working on my performance, and in a short time (a year or even less) i because a good player.

Ok,… i see everything i’ll say you’ll be against,… as were the others before against my own proposal,…

It’s not a community here, but the battle of the one going to cry the most for a change that can’t happen,…

Call me back when you’ll all start to grow up,…

I have one,… but you don’t hear it.

Btw @Bunny_宝妮 see again OP going disrespect.

EDIT: (So now i’m the one being reported?)

Maybe look at yourself first :)