Does the F4S Phantom need guided missiles or air-to-ground guided bombs?

This is my first post and I don’t know if I should write it here or not, anyway

Do you really not think that the 70 dollar premium and heavy American fighter needs an air-to-ground guided bomb or, for example like the Russians air-to-ground guided rockets, or air-to-ground laser guided bombs, or at least unguided bombs larger than 1000 lb.
I don’t know about you, but I think this is really a big problem, since I bought this fighter and used it in different battles, I realized that due to its weight, it has poor maneuverability compared to other fighters, and most of the time I have to fly at low altitude.
this is an 11.0 and 11.3 combat rank fighter that, whether we like it or not, you will be against F14, F16, or MiG 29… and we don’t have much chance against them. So I want to use it in support of the ground forces, but apart from unguided bombs, the largest of which is unfortunately only 1000 lb, I don’t have any special bombs or guided missiles, and in my opinion this is a big weakness. In general, I am not strong in air combat, nor in close support of ground and it is really disappointing.

Some people in the game tell me that this jet is not a bomber and you should use it for air attack. In response, I have to say that it is not even possible to easily lock the radar on an F-16 or MiG-29, so in this battle rating 11.0 is completely useless(not completely but…) unless I use F4 phantoms main capability, which is bombing, and especially with guided weapons, then i can say that i have a dual-purpose fighter with the ability to carry a large amount of weapons, as well as a fighter with the ability of an air battle and it will be effective.

Maybe many people disagree with me, but this is my opinion and I am really disappointed with this big plane.

I hope gaijin will fix this problem.

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lol, no.
They didn’t have it IRL so deal with it


Ok no thanks, if it carried them IRL then sure… but if not then no, that’s like saying "Well because the Lancaster can carry a block buster why can’t my Spitfire? I mean same time period am I right?


Apart from whether it had this capability in the real world or not, gaijin added or removed many things from the game, some of which were prototypes or at least not real, or by adding or removing them in different levels. The game has become more unfair. It’s a heavy fighter, less maneuverable, and overall it’s a game, and such changes should be possible, especially for premium vehicles. This jet is not very effective in aerial combat, and with its size and ability to carry bombs and missiles, other capabilities should have been added to it, such as the 2000lb unguided bomb, which is not much, but it is very effective, especially when there are no bombs or missiles. He did not give us a guide. In my opinion, this is the best premium plane in America’s tech tree, which can be said that it is not very useful in air combat, nor in agility, nor in maneuvering, nor in ground support. Ahhh, I really hate it when something that should be a bomber is stripped of its original ability and placed on a level that is useless despite its power. Hey gaijin, give me at least 2000LB bombs.

The Phantom FGR2 “likely” carried the AGM-12s (currently being researched) that we see equipped on the Buccanneer S2, Likely so did the F4J(UK). Its certainly possible for the Phantoms to be equipped with them, but no guarantee any US Phantoms was equipped with even early AGMs. But I’d be surprised if they weren’t at least trialled.

The Phantoms are in a tough place. Too good to go down but not good enough to remain where they are. Top tier needs a massive decompression


In many American sites and magazines and articles written, this fighter has the ability to carry Maverick and…

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If you can compile a good mix of sources together, throw in a bug report (if the jet exists in game) if not, submit a suggestion for that Phantom to be added.

Ultimately the question is, which Phantoms? and are they present in game currently?

(they like to add vehicles from a specific time frame. So it might be that the F-4S we have is from the early years before guided weapons. With guided weapons coming at the end of its service life)

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I’m new here, and I don’t know how and where to post, but about what you said, I have to say that this fighter is in the game and I have it, and it’s the best premium fighter in the american tech tree. The F4js phantom fighter was modernized in 1977 and became the F4 S Phantom and served the American forces until 1986. For example, the Maverick missile was built in 1972, and according to the sources available on the internet about the history of American aircraft and… this fighter at that time could use many different guided bombs and the Maverick missile or at least Use a 2000lb unguided bomb. The F4j Phantom older model was able to use this equipment, how about this newer model with newer radar and smokeless engine and bla bla bla… which has been modernized. The main problem is not its price, but the unfairness of its equipment.

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Bug reports for misisng things like this are posted too

A tech mod though is better person to ask for help with how to do this (i’ve done basic stuff, but never anything this detailed)

So can only suggest messaging someone on this list War Thunder — official forum for help though.

Yeah, a lot of jets are missing a lot of things.

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Thank you very much for your help, now that you are online, I have another question, I saw some posts where you can vote by selecting the yes or no option, because i can do this, then surely many people who bought this premium fighter will go to this post and say yes to change .but I don’t know if this model of posts is from the creators themselves or anyone can use it, and whether it will be noticed by the creators of the game or if it is a pointless and time-consuming effort. In short, I wanted it to be noticed by others and creators because this fighter has been the best premium fighter in America for a long time and at least for now it is going to stay that way and many people have bought it and I am sure they all have this problem but they will only deal with it.
On YouTube, many testers were not very happy about this issue, they considered this problem to be the reason for the unreasonable price of this fighter.

Top right of the text frame is a cog, press it. and then there is a button for build poll, then you can put in your options answers and hit insert poll.

You can then add a “#” followed by a space just above the poll options to add a title

Are Phantoms worth it?
  • Yes
  • No

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Created for testing purposes

So in the middle it would look something like this

#_Are Phantoms worth it?

(underscore added to break the rich text box, replace the underscore with spaces)

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Yeah, I play Britain. The F4J(UK) our premium F4 was a bit of a let down. Actually worse than the TT versions we have (basically identical but with worse engines) Kinda a shame

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It might be worth looking some other examples for posts.

is a good one. There are a few others on the British vehicle section. could be good too model it after its general layout. gives you a basis for how to structure a more formal post with your sources cited

Thats a suggestion thread, but you can see how a poll could be included (polls are a requirement for “suggestions” though)


Great, I was thinking, should you put a poll with a short title or a big text like the first text I wrote without a poll, just in which section should I post it? Suggestion?

Suggestions are for aircraft we don’t have. As its missing loadout options for an aircraft already in game, then I think its technically a bug report. But your best bet is to ask a tech mod for that help.

Brief title poll

You could have a multiple choice like:

Which loadout options would you like to see added? and the options be the missing loadout items

I’d say do a standard post in the same section this one is posted in,

break down your research and sources, ideally well cited.

Bullet point the missing loadout options

Add some pictures of these weapons actually on the aircraft, if you can find them

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Thank you for helping me so much, I’m sorry I took so much of your time.

No worries :P

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There’s a current F4J(UK) thread that could also be worth looking at

Its also got a good format and is basically what you are doing for F-4S

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The whole 7.7-11.3 BR range needs to be decompressed