British F-4 Phantom II : Balance, Air and Ground Ordinances and Radar

All variants of the British F-4 Phantoms lack many types or ordinances which historically they actually carried. A example of this is the AIM-9L missile, this would help the aircraft hugely giving it the edge it deserves.

A photo of the British FGR.2 carrying Fuel Pods on the outer pylons with four AIM-9Ls on the shoulder rails

Last time someone recommended the addition of AIM-9Ls to the British Phantoms got a response of “balance”, this doesn’t really stand anymore especially when the F-4EJ Kai has them already as well (a much superior Phantom).

As a remind the F-4S Phantom is sitting at the same Battle Rating as the F-4 (UK) even though it carries better missiles, better flight performance and carries a Helmet Mounted Display. The only real thing the F-4 (UK) has over the F-4S Phantom is the better engines which carry this already dying vehicle.


The British Phantoms also apparently was planned to carry the legendary SRAAM missiles (currently used by the Hunter F.6 and Harrier GR.1), the addition of these missiles which already exist in-game would spice up all variants of the British Phantoms bringing something to the table whilst enhancing its close quarter combat lethality.

Last but not least I’d like to discuss about the Ground capabilities the F-4K specifically had. The AWG-11 Radar was compatible with the AGM-12 Air to Ground missile in plans to install the missile on the platform, and although this never happened it still carried the ability to fire the AGM-12 nonetheless. The YaK-41 was given the R-60M simply because it was “planned for the aircraft” even though historically it never carried it, and using this template the F-4K deserves the same treatment as well.

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Ordinances/Equipment the British F-4 Phantoms could operate that aren’t present in-game:

  • AGM-12 Bullpup (FG.1 only)
  • AIM-9L
  • AWG-12 FGR.2/AWG-11 FG.1
  • Outer Pylon Fuel Pods
  • SRAAM (planned for usage)
  • B755 Cluster Bomb (future addition)

I don’t think it’d do as well at 11.7 with 9Ls, especially as we move to 12.3 very soon, and likely 12.7 sometime before May of next year.
Phantoms are also rank 7 instead of rank 8.
UK has options for 12.0+, and I think keeping FG1 & FGR2 11.3 is better for them in the long run IMO.

I don’t disagree and completely see where you’re coming from, although I doubt the AIM-9L would cause a increase in Battle Rating. The Tornado F.3 has a much better Radar, superior Missiles, more usable Engines (stage 2 afterburner) and more Countermeasures whilst remaining at 11.3

Even if the AIM-9Ls caused a increase in Battle Rating the presence of SRAAMs (all-aspect) would be better than having plain AIM-9Gs (especially when you can mix and match)


I am of the opinion that Tornado F3 has a placeholder BR awaiting AMRAAMs for it to go to ~12.3, which is why I don’t cite it or other rank 8s at 11.3.


I don’t mind waiting for decompression before getting the AIM-9Ls IF we get the AGM-12, SRAAM and correct Radar for the British Phantoms to be fair.

SRAAM and those wing mounted fuel pods would be a great addition I think. AGM-12s could also be handy.


Unfortunately I do semi-agree. You are right, the Tornado F3 is probably in a holding pattern waiting for AMRAAM and hopefully better IR missiles. That being said, I still think the FGR2/FG1 in their current state, especially pre-decompression are a little high at 11.3. I do think 11.0 would be a more appropriate place for them currently.

(also have no idea why the F4J(UK) has a SB rating of 11.3 but the FGR2/FG1 are at 10.7. That also needs to be fixed ASAP)


I’d prefer the AGM-12s and Fuel Pods the most funny enough 😂

An additional change/fix for the FGR2/FG1 and the F4J(UK) I’d like to see is more bomb loadout configurations. Its 2 per wing pylon and 3 in the middle. Would be good if you could choose 1 or 2 on each wing pylon. Currently you can only overkill bases in SB (if you dump all bombs onto a base), So that kind of customisaiton would be really good. (not the only jet that has that kinda annoying limitation)

Yeah, the single in-line one is kinda annoying. Taking fuel tanks and gun pod would be a really good combo in SB.

(But I think I’d leave the centre one as an option though. but maybe 1 or the other, the more choices the better in my opinion)

Would need investigating, but its also possible the Phantoms could carry Napalm. They are currently lacking from a few British Jets.

It could also carry the Fuel Pods under the AIM-9 rails (ignore the low quality lol).


I doubt but wouldn’t be surprised if it could, especially the F-4J (UK) since it’s basically a F-4J with British avionics. I also found a image of the F-4K carrying the B755 HEAT Cluster Bombs which would be a interesting future addition.


I know the Buc and Sea-Vixen could. But as Flame explained the other day. Britain held onto the right to use it, but didnt necessarily equip it as a matter of course. or something akin to that.

Cluster bombs are definetly an addition that needs to be added to the game. Would love those on the Harrier, Jag and Tornado

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Should the F-4J UK use an ALR-45 like the other naval F-4s? Also should it use the pylon countermeasures?

My understanding that USN Phantoms didn’t use the pylon dispensers because of the carrier. I would assume land bound F-4J UKs would have used the other setup.

While the radar set in game is named incorrectly (there is a outstanding report to fix the text for these) all the British Phantoms have the correct radar performance.

Yeah, I’m aware of that but the correct name would be nice.