Does JAS 39A still worth the 12.7 br for air RB?

As we see, the JAS39C has the ability to use fox3. The JAS39A has the same pneumatic model, power and avionics configuration with C mk, but it only got a RB71(super skyflash ) , a fox2 with a effective range of about four kilometers. In terms of combat distance and tactical choices, it is definitely not comparable to C mk, but it almost competes on the same platform as C mk - regardless of air or land combat.

No. But we need decompression before anything else

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of course we need

not even close, BUT it shouldn’t be lower, the 13.0 and better performing planes needs to be higher instead.


yes, it is claerly that 13.0 is not enough now, fox 3 should have a higher br

But it’d be fun lower.

well anything would be more fun lower XD imagine fighting a 1v10 with Gripen vs like 8.0 or something XD

I support this.

That could be a really fun April fools mode. “David vs Goliath”.
A single plane takes on 10 planes that are 4 BR levels lower.

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F15A and F16A use 9M at 12.3, and 39A is of course also available.