Does anyone like this map variant

Do we need this to be in the game


I don’t mind that map because it’s one of the few maps ingame where you can properly flank.

The single cap variant is ok, but the 3 cap one is the best.

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I like it, but it should be a “low tier” map. Its way to CoDish for anything past 5.0.

Yep, I like it… Rush to the point, cap it, run off, and go scout the flankers and such outside the town.

Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t warrant a thread to check if others like it to predate your removal want thread.

The 3 cap variant I take less of an issue with.

This 170m version at 11.3 is over and done in 30 seconds.

Are you a cop

I agree wholeheartedly.

Do you need a dosage of cope or something to handle the game on the regular?

(I stand by this statement because it’s appropriate for the OP ‘are you a cop’ throwout…)

If you ain’t a cop then why do I care what you have to say you ain’t here to police

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Ah well, you got me… I’ll keep to my lane then…

Map’s fine, it’s a user issue obviously if you can’t handle any variance in the map modes, and the constant angle of having trouble on these maps shows mere player issues surrounding not having sufficiently varied lineups in prep for a different scenario than just rushing to all the points and having a good old shootout…

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Do you think this map doesn’t encourage this behavior by only having a single capture point and by being so small?

There’s multiple ways of playing it, you just don’t think there is…

You seem to like the CoD style initial engagement

You have no idea how I play… Your want for that to be the case is based on your want to have it mimic that method which you don’t like.

Man, you’re just so bad at this… Don’t try goad if you can’t handle.

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This is what you said, are you labeling yourself as a liar?

Like, I’ll make it ultra clear why I actually dislike your threads…

They’re already prejudiced from the outset, they ALL obtusely refer to a problem you have on the thread, desperatly wanting only those who share that issue to come and chime in…

Everyone who counters you, you end up trying to insult by veiled nonsense, and if they keep showing you up you then ignore them and try not to address anything they point to, and you end up flagging thier comments by the end of it.

Every thread, it’s the same…

You can’t adapt to situations that develop, you discount your team as being nonexistent, yet you expect your team to save you to the extent that you get all combative against them, and you are always wanting things removed and disabled so you can avoid having to adapt and learn things…

You take this statement literally, as if I don’t do anything else in that time…

I’m putting out artillery, spotting, calling on the team to be up there, pacing themselves, going out to repair people, popping smoke and getting around the map.

That’s a big difference, I call on the team to do things and have fun doing it… I feel you’re completely closed to your team, think you need to do everything, and you make yourself angry by trying to ‘play the game’ and fail doing so because of the desperation that failing at it makes…

Hence the need to remove/disable/limit/avoid everything you don’t like.

(Stop flagging things you cannot handle people…)

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Yeah no one cares man

So you are or aren’t rushing to the point I’m confused

You’re clearly unable to read the room to be honest…

Selective quotation and fixation on portions to avoid the wider issue is a tactic, but it hardly works.

You’re only throwing out the COD reference because I’ve been mentioning it in a ‘debate’ about KDR.

If anything the map should be larger and have more out into the range, then that’d fix your ‘issue’ somewhat, if that is indeed your issue.

(Stop flagging things you cannot handle people…)

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That’s my point man you’re in a room alone with me and you won’t say what you mean.

You say “I rush the capture point on this map” then say “I don’t rush the capture point on this map”

It’s confusing as hell