Does anyone else feel that the JAS39A flare pod is buggy?

I have been a player since 2016. Since the last update of the Fox-3 (which the truth is has already killed the little fun that was left in the top tier) it has been a while for me to make the correct maneuvers to avoid the aim-9m and obviously I preflare and turn to confuse the missile.

It’s happening to me that no matter what, the missile hits me, I did a test and played games with the Mig-29, F-16 and F-15, I do the same and the missiles don’t hit me until I release many fewer flares. Does this happen to anyone else with the JAS39A? It’s enough to notchingstrong text 10 fox-3s per game.

Flares from BOL pods have a lower intensity than normal flares and they also burn for a shorter time, that might be why you’re not flaring AIM9M’s.

I’d suggest taking all flares in the internal pods and a mixture of chaff and flares in the pods