Does anyone attack the convoys!?

Was doing some ground attack last night and by god those convoys are OP. I’ve tried down low approaches but you might get one pass and be engine damaged or plane turned yellow and red. I’ve tried from up higher but in SB hard to see the targets on the road from higher up. I’ve tried approach from high and dive on them.

The second you get within I would say 1200-2000m the AAA just lights you up.

Does anyone bother with the convoy objectives? If so how do you approach them. I find most ground pounders focus on the fixed ground targets and convoys seem to be ignored completely.


You hit the nail on the head. Nobody attacks convoys because they will shred you for even thinking about approaching them.

Which is a shame, because using ground attackers in Sim can be fun if we had approachable targets.


Yeah I had some fun in the grizzly last night and the am1 but I stuck to the fixed targets. Convoys just ruin your flight the second you’re near them. Gaijin needs to tone down their accuracy it’s insane. Especially at props level.


I would totally attack the convoys if they would render before they start shooting at me lmfao.
It’s almost comical how when you attack them in something without a super advanced camera pod, you only start seeing them about T-3 seconds before they light your ass up

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I sometimes DO attack convoys - if Im in a Warthog and have nothing else to do when there’s no ground battles.

Here the Late version has an advantage, obviously as the IIR AGM-65D can act as “poor man’s targeting pod” to find the convoy from afar thanks to is heat signature.

For anything else however, approaching carefully and spot the convoy when it opens fire, and get to a safe distance quickly works also, but is very nerve wracking…

Oh, little tip: zoom the map in to see potentially easy to identify landmarks that you can also easily spot inflight, like for example road crossings.

Also, once you got one vehicle destroyed, its burning remains act as a good marker to spot the other vehicles again after disengaging.

I’ve seen those ground convoys shred entire AI attacker formations in seconds. No, I don’t bother with them, I avoid them.


No, i tried few times and got decimated before i could even clearly see them. I got sniped by 50cal of convoy M41 at like 2km never tried it since then. It is death sentence in anything below laser guided bombs.


That, mostly, or at least anything else stand-off like Mavericks.

Guess you could just drop some iron onto the convoy from more than 2000m up, but the timing would make it more like a lottery…

naahh, they upped again their precision for some reasons(bug maybe?), and they snipe you while passing them mach 1.10, i can take them out in the f16c, but its multiple passes, and god forbid if i’m closer than 3km, sidam25s shreds you no matter what.

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yes i do alot i juse my AGMs on the AA and then kill some tanks with a Gbu :) F-16c is a realy nice Plane to take em out

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was sniped 3 times in row at ~1000 km/h before I could even aim properly… So no. Convoys are a bugged mess and a death trap.

yep, best way is with the F-16C due to it having the best targeting pod to kill them from afar with AGM-65Ds. Anything else is a nightmare. Even the Warthog since the built-in cameras of the Mavericks have very low zoom and resolution.

Only with AGM-65Ds or PGMs with TIALD pod on the Tornado Gr1 or Harrier Gr7. I tried carpet bombing one once, got instantly sniped, decided it wasnt worth it (even tried T-Pod + CCRP with a little loft, to attack from further, didnt even get to my release point, I got sniped and even then no guarantee they’d have hit, I eyeballed it) . 1 SPAA isnt too bad, once you’ve sniped the others, and I’ll attack with Paveways, but im far more defensive than I would be with other targets normally

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Reading what everybody wrote about speed, I come to the conclusion that probably the best against convoys is still the Warthog - exactly because of its low speed: You can approach a convoy, launch two Mavericks in that small gap where you are within Maverick range and out of SIDAM range, then break of in a really tiny circle, whereas in a fast mover you will not be able to break away fast enough without getting too close to danger.

Then often while flying away you will see two kill confirmations, and can engage again moderately safely to take out the rest with more Mavericks or canon and bombs…

doesn’t apply completely, since you still need to get pretty close because of the reduced zoom on the AGM65Ds. The window where you can shoot, but are still out of range is tiny. Once you cross the threshold, you get sniped :/

What I think has happened is they tuned up the accuracy to make it harder on top tier but it’s affected ww2 planes horribly. Can’t get near them in a ww2 plane it’s not worth the risk.

Amazing, isn’t it? Eleven years in and they still don’t realise settings for one era just might not work well in another decade.


This is a problem with CAS not enough people are talking about, there’s two game modes where you can use CAS effectively. One essentially requires expensive HOTAS/HOSAS setups to play and the other is GRB.

I would play CAS in ARB is it was fun and rewarding but its neither.

CAS doesnt need it. I use mouse joystick paired with xbox 360 controler and it works pretty fine for CAS, you just have to set it up to your liking, experimenting a bit. Dogfighting can be pain in the ass but for CAS it is more then ok.

Yeah, sometimes i do but only at top tier with high power TV tracking optics, and even then its just an exercise in frustration - anything else and your 99.99% guaranteed to die. CAS for sim is beyond broken and even more so for convoys, targets only appear visually inside HUD like 1.5km away with an expert crew (even though they will render outside of hud many kilometres beyond that) meaning your already well inside AA range before u can even see them, targets clip inside the terrain so they literally cannot be hit or seen but can fire at you, convoy accuracy is like 500% higher compared to normal ground battle AA which is already overbearing, majority of huds are broken and don’t function correctly making employing your weapons that much harder, and to top it all off even when you do find the convoy all target point memory is bugged in sim on every aircraft and will send your optics flying off to the edges of your gimbal limit 90% of the time u go to reacquire them. We don’t even get close to enough options for ground strike objectives and those that we do are very frequently right inside the middle of the map where your constantly molested by enemy fighters.

It’s just such a complete joke at the moment and stuff which we all need to bug report constantly day in and day out on every single cas aircraft, we must keep pressure on gaijin holding them accountable so they actually get off their lazy asses and fix all their crap. Highly recommend everyone to link bug reports to the forum as well so everyone in the community can all pile on them together, as unless reports get many people following them gaijin leaves them indefinitely or at best for years to fix.