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As much as I obsessively love this game the one thing that drives me nuts is that a game this complex has almost no “How to” documentation. Every tutorial is from the fanbase and on YouTube etc. How can Gaijin bring in new players when the learning curve is probably one of the steepest of all games ( e.g. Radar, targeting, etc,) and there is almost no official documentation or tutorials?


Because the way the game is laid out, you are supposed to progress through low ranks to higher ranks so you have time to learn the mechanics as you play. Premium vehicles are optional paid content that isn’t really a normal part of the game. Buying a high rank premium means you are skipping a lot of the learning time provided by the progression of the game. You are taking it upon yourself to skip that time and choosing to hop straight to the most advanced weapons systems.


Playing low BRs doesn’t teach you how missiles or radar work. It also doesn’t teach you how to play jets.

You can grind through a tree, and only have to learn how they work when you get to a high enough BR. Gaijin doesn’t teach you anything about it, there is no natural progression.


Playing low BRs can teach you how radars work. There are prop planes that use radars, and then they become more common as you progress. You start with the most simple and learn them before you move onto the most advanced. Learning through progression of technology is the “teaching” that you say doesn’t exist. You start with basic search radars to learn how they work and limitations, then move to simple search/track systems where you can lock targets for radar gunsights, then you move to advanced radars with pulse doppler/MTI modes, IFF, and weapons guidance capabilities.

Edit: I can provide examples of this in the US tree quite easily if you’d wish.

Those planes aren’t in every tree, but I know they exist. My point is, is that the game doesn’t try to teach you anything, it just throws you in there, assuming you know. You are forced to learn it yourself, either through trial and error, or external sources.

You are right about the tech progression for radars at high tier, but it doesn’t really help you learn, if the game doesn’t teach you about anything new.

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Ok, let’s take a look at something that is indirectly ran by Gaijin (wikipedia editors under the forum team) that is linked in the game client, the Game Wiki. I went to it and searched “radar” and was instantly given this page as the first result for airborne radars. Airborne radars - War Thunder Wiki
This is probably the most in depth explanation of how the radars in the game work, and is easy to find. I find this more valuable and easy to reference than any (complicated) tutorial to overview everything about radars and how the most advanced work. They provide (while somewhat indirectly) resources for players to reference to learn.

I just checked the tutorial section as I was looking for a wiki link in game, and decided to look at the ARH missile tutorial. It explained how to use the TWS and Aim-54 pretty well at a basic level. Same with the SARH missiles. It doesn’t give an in depth radar breakdown, but it clearly shows to how use weapons reliant on radars in the modes that benefit them most. Also, the wiki does have a link in the client under the Help ? box in the top right of the screen that will lead you to just about any answer you’ll ever need about the game. The tools are there, just not thrown directly in your face like you were a child.

Exactly. So if you’re an experienced player, (if not, you wouldn’t have a clue, so to get to the next step you search Reddit) you go to your F-16ADF X-ray view, get the Radar model, (oops you don’t have one yet) Then under the [?] menu click ‘Wiki’ (not officially Gaijin) then cross ref “AN/APG-66(V)1”, and there is a full page write up on the radar, but not one word on how to use it. (Or even what key binds are involved) So in frustration you find a year old vid on You Tube. Basically you have to already have the familiarity to access the information in order to find it (sort of). But if you don’t … That’s the circular logic required to justify the Snail not investing money for proper tutorials.

Aha and let’s not forget the patronizing closing (git gud) cheap shot. That it’s obvious to you because your brilliant and everyone else is a drone with the mind of a child. Same old condescending arrogance used to silence any dissent or question the status quo. I myself, want more people, NEW people playing the game, your argument seems to be opposed to that.

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the wiki is official and is by gaijin
you can even get GE for writing things on the wiki if they get approved

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NO it isn’t the content is created by —> THE COMMUNITY

A wiki (/ˈwɪki/ WI-kee) is a form of online hypertext publication that is collaboratively edited and managed by its own audience directly through a web browser. A typical wiki contains multiple pages for the subjects or scope of the project, and could be either open to the public or limited to use within an organization for maintaining its internal knowledge base.

The wiki is managed by gaijin

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You are nit-picking and you’re off topic. The point is in-game tutorials, defend not having any.

It does by giving access to jets quite early. F-80-A5, F-84, F2H-2, F3D-1, He 162 A-2, Yak-15, Yak-17, Mig-9, Su-9, Attacker FB 1, Meteors, Kikka. All of those are there to teach new players how to play jets by you know playing them in safeish enviroment where you will fight both props and jets.

It is not Gajin fault that people just skip them and then complain “But Gajin didnt teach me how to fly my plane”.

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They added a lot of in game tutorials in the past few updates though. From how to use ARH missiles to IR guided bombs

So you’re point is that grinding, (the most hated thing, that drives the most people away) is a substitute for help on for example, key-binds ? Or is that yet another veiled rant against premium which itself supports the game you play for free ?

Finally yes they did and that was awesome. Exactly so and it needs much more.

Gaijin has in-game tutorials for every weapon you can equip

No they don’t have one for EVERY weapon, or system. They have nothing on key binds, zero on tutorials or learning modes like CCIP or EEGS. Instead of 10 year old playground ‘no waaaay’ replies do you have any facts ? Right didn’t think so.

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Bro open the modifications menu and u can literally see a button underneath ANY weapon you cannot use with just the spacebar.

And instead of ad hominem. You can literally just ask nicely.

I totally agree with this.

I’m not your Bro. Read the post again. You obviously don’t understand it. I’m ignoring your replies now.