Do you think we should bring back Friendly Fire in matches

People are allowed to put letters on their tanks, those that get aggravated are the issue though.

Heh heh heh heh would be funny sight to see

Don’t shoot at them then and you won’t have a problem. Your team might lose a player or two but that’s it.

Especially on the ennemy side

Sometimes you just can’t resist :)

So in a way you do agree that TK could be an interesting addition

With all seriousness though, I don’t think TK will bring anything valuable to the game. The level of TK we have right now is pretty OK for me.

Not really, it would just mean that each game there will be someone killing ally

Fair enough.
Even though every time I see a PE-8 it always end up with at least one TK

That’s the good level of TK i am talking about. You don’t really need to be cautious in order to not shoot tanks on a tank, because it’s extremely rare that you will miss your shot and hit ally. So tanks to tanks TK will result in intentional team kills in 99% of cases.
And when you are playing planes, especially with big bombs, you need to be careful not to damage or kill your ally with big blast radius.

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Ah yes, I remember trying to play the M56 back in the day, when I had to use a Backup every time I spawned in it because at the beginning of the match I would get sprayed down by 3-4 American heavy tanks with 2-4 machine guns each.

Tank friendly fire has no place in ground RB because it is too easy to grief. Anyone advocating for it is just a griefer looking to cause problems.


Looks like someone’s mad.
Also yeah sure it’s way funnier to be pushed around without any way of payback

No… The battlefield is that way… I’m moving out from spawn, I’m not in the way…

I’m far out from this guy, so far that it’s not from his first spawn, he’s intentionally doing it… and this ‘so it means literally nothing to be sprayed today’ is EXACTLY my point in the actual post.

Because it ‘does nothing’ it’s just assumed to be ‘nothing’ but it’s actually a lot. It’s only nothing to you, because you’re actually being naive and ignorant to the sentiment of the post.

Again, it’s DISTRACTING, and it makes looking skyward an absolute hassle because you’re looking for who possibly spotted you, and is possibly actively KILLING YOUR CREW.

Thanks for proving my points that I made in my post though, the fact you dismissed it in this manner means you definitely didn’t read or take notice of what was said, to put yourself in my shoes.

I also suspect this sentiment is put throughout the thread too somewhere.

Yea, nah that crap sucks…

They just need it back in, and have the reports tended to better.

As it should’ve been all along. Disabling FF was merely to avoid acting on players and having to review the replays and decide who was at fault.

Yes please, so I can get salty people banned for killing me because I’ve UA flag

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Absolutely this… They never should’ve just removed the flags, they should’ve acted upon those who were being outraged by someone else having something on thier tank.

And there’s always ‘sorry’… It’s not hard to see too with the bombs, that that isn’t a problem.

I commonly get artied and bombed, and I constantly lol in the chat and let them know I’m fine with that as long as it’s in the urge to actually win the match, or finish off a decent ‘heavy’ target.

Too much work for basically no reward.

The reward is having less players comfortable with breaking the rules knowing that the reports won’t get checked because they are too hard, and easily dismissable for that fact.

So then crew lock them for 20 min for tking.