Do you think we should bring back Friendly Fire in matches

I’ve just had a string of matches, that when I’ve spawned an SPAA, and within a minute I’m getting shot at with MGs from friendly players…

So this, coinciding with me trying to look up in the sky keeping my team safe, makes me think that I’ve been spotted by an enemy, makes me have to look around on the ground, trying to figure out where the shots are coming from because I won’t trust not seeing the hit markers, to find it’s a teammate pinging me with MGs for no reason at all.

We almost ALLOWED this to continue, as even when it was friendly fire on, my main gripe was what they were doing with the distraction, not the fact that they were actually hurting me.

Now they’re just a distraction even worse… Because they don’t hurt you, you can’t report it, and you can’t stop it because obviously when you report this, it’s just going to be dismissed because it’s not hurting you…

But them shooting at you, also highlights you to the enemy in the same instance because ‘someone’s shooting at something’… And you being distracted, makes you vulnerable because someone can’t hold off space or keep their fingers still.


If you’re spawning with SPAAG and be in front of your team, then move around and let them go through.

Also many people fires MG at anyone they see at the start,… so it means literally nothing to be sprayed today.

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Yeah, friendly fire was so cool ! I miss these days.

Friendly fire? I see half my team-fleet getting drowned by my torpedoes. oh oh. But then, a hit is a hit.

No, friendly fire would bring more bad than good.
It would make people team-kill for really petty reasons. Don’t know where to start actually, player names, flags, vehicles, “kill stealing”, not risking your neck to repair someone, etc. All of those could be triggering someone to TK you or someone else.
That’s far from optimal.


True but I believe that it also introduces a sense of responsibility.
You can shoot the allie that is bothering you but it also means that you are lowering your chances of winning and, if you add a big penaltiy, your wallet.

Also teamkill hasn’t disapeared. I see a lot of TK via artillery and mostly planes.


A sense of Res-… no sorry 5 million players in this game and 99% not knowing what that means.

Stop killing my dreams.

Seriously though, it does for me but I also find it funny. Ok a teammate killed me for no reason but it’s less frustrating than being killed by an ennemy. Also gives free credits.

Gives nothing currently (no credits, no RP, not anything, as you pay for your repair)

Why not i’m sick of someone try to pushing me where am at if they try anything clever i just shoot them would be fun

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Yes currently but if we brought it back.

Also the problem is that now when a guy is frustrated he’ll just go griefing around and push you in front of the ennemy. I’d rather have him killing me than ruining my game.

Currently or Before,… Gaijin never did implement anything to stop the biased Repair cost to harm you when being TKed.

And would certainly not do it if FF is coming back

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Way too much to ask of a random WT player. As I said, would lead to much more frustration.

People get so angry over petty things they don’t care about that. I’ve seen people malding so much over a simple thing, that they would spawn camp you and TK you as many times as they can, I’m sure of it.

Not like you can kill anyone reliably with arty. Also, you get notified of it coming way before, so it’s pretty easy to move out of the way.

I did once as an SPG pushed me out of the cap just to annoy me. And if it doesn’t work I can still come back with an aircraft so no it hasn’t disapeared

How about this TK system like insurgency sandstorm reduce damage to teammate and if done enough damage to team those damage are back at you

Oh God please no. Imagine how many people with V and Z, are going to be killed. Not that I wouldn’t do it… But please no

Maybe they will stop putting V and Z then.

Way more effort than just spawning a ground vehicle and clicking on your teammate.

Trust me, they won’t. They will just kill you on next spawn

That’s what gives it all the flavor.
But seriously though, I think a form of TK would allow to evacuate a lot of frustration if implemented correctly.