Do we need Regional Pricing?

Per this post Gaijin uses US-based pricing for their in-store purchases, where we, regardless of location pays US rate for their products.

I think this need to be addressed, as there is part of the community that doesn’t hail from “$15 an hour minimum wage” countries and actually can’t buy anything from WT unless it’s on the sale period. even then for some of us it’s still in the “expensive” ballpark after currency conversions and fees imposed by payment methods.

By implementing regional pricing and reducing the prices by even 70% of it’s current price in countries with low purchasing power like the Asia, Central Europe, Balkan, South America and even Mexico there will be more user that buys WT products even without the existence of sales, this will net gaijin more profit in the longer run as they can still expect sales from richer people in said country and almost guarantee spike in purchases during sales instead of only having the sales as the sole opportunity to buy things.


70$ for a virtual tank in a country that isn’t EU/USA is very expensive for most people I agree.

E.g in India average wage monthly is 330$ , 70$ is around %22 of that.


I wouldn’t exactly call a single vehicle that costs as much as a full-priced game cheap either for west-Europeans and USA.


At least it’s more normal for them. It is their own currency , $\€

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Yeah that’s true, but it’s still unreasonably priced.


$70 is expensive everywhere because it’s completely absurd pricing for pixels.


Completely agreed , I never said it’s justified.

But an engineer in Munich may earn 5000€ per month

One in USA may earn 10K$+ per month

An average engineer in where I live earns 1000$ per month

And there are many more countries where the wages are even lower than where I live

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$10k+ per month is above average pay for an engineer in USA, but your point still stands. $70 for pixels is still highway robbery, no matter where you live.


I agree, at least we have Christmas sale coming

You’ll be banned, after some time. and lose your entire account, many people in steam discussions crying about this.

And what you are saying is also against gaijin guidelines

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awesome tbh, like unironically the only time i tried this to buy a game for me and my friends steam just didnt work so i have never done it thus far lol (also apparently like 90% of what i say is against every guideline that gaijin has but im mostly fine apart from the 1984 silencing cause i hate plane people)

Not everyone in Munich is an engineer earning 5000€ per month. Regional pricing just further disadvantages the lower paid in mid to high wage countries where they already struggle with the local cost of living.

Where are pixels in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?

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Tell me how much a low wage person makes in Germany please , clearly you have never been outside of Western Europe.

Minimum wage is 1600€ in Germany

In most of the world it is like 300-600$

Yeah Germany so poor

Just salary doesn’t matter if rent in munich is 3 times as expensive as rent in for example Budapest + cost of living in general


Minimum wage is about $15/h and that on the high end here. And even then you barely make enough to live much less to spend a pixels.

Regional pricing would help so much. (If it works like how I understand it to).

Like there is no justification to spending $90 on a tank.

If I understand regional pricing right it would make it so if I had to pay $70 American I’ll also only have to spend $70 Canadian over what we have now. Or this would be the case if I understand regional pricing correct.


There is some data that shows regional pricing promotes the game to more regions and also generates more money.

Blizzard was selling World of Warcraft for like $5 USD in some South American countries and those regions ended up being some of their biggest areas of profit.

I think it would be good for Gaijin and fair to other countries with a lower GDP than the US

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And yet you buy a 70 dollar game.

When did I do that? Or why is that relevant?

they wont change pricing since all players from all regions can play all servers, this means any1 with a brain can use a VPN to purchase extracheap. They would need to implement region only accounts then.

There is still ways for gaijin to find out where they came from toher than regional account though.