Do we have a date for the scheduled economy changes in june?

Pretty much straightforward, do we have a date for the scheduled economy changes in june ?

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Maybe not, so they can decrease income without alerting the playerbase


Like what they have been doing since Mr.Anton left

I would like to see the economic changes as soon as possible and I would also like to see the official announcement of the number of people who participated in the questionnaire.


I really can’t wait for that update hehe

100% storm calmed down so now back to the old ways

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No date yet as far as I know.

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We will have some news for you guys in the coming week hopefully. Defiantly before the end of June in the current plans.


Nice hope will be good changes, step forward two back - no good ;)

I’m actually holding off buying a pack because my premium time with it will be worth the wait with the difference in economic changes set for June.

As promised. The chnages are now coming into effect:

Please be sure to leave your feedback in the topic.