Following the Roadmap: Updated Economy

We continue to move forward with the plans listed in our roadmap, and the next big news after the La Royale major update is the updated economу that the majority of the community voted for.

The highly anticipated update is here! Repair costs have been reduced, while SL gain has been increased — so that, on average, players using vehicles of any rank will break even, even without a premium account. These changes affect the overwhelming majority of vehicles in the game, meaning that the average player is likely to notice them after several battles.

Additionally, vehicles of the same class, battle rating, and economic rank will now have very similar economic characteristics. You can learn more from these spreadsheets:

Another great new feature: now in the preferred locations and missions window you’ll instantly see which battle rating each mission is available at. This will make choosing your preferred locations and missions easier.

As we release the planned changes in our roadmap, we'll also continue to update the infographic, so that you can easily see what we have already implemented. Here is the latest version!


Check out these improvements and tell us what you think: on Steam, social media or the official forums!


Thanks for not reworking the whole wpcost files <3

Super positive overall
Lets see how it plays out
I also like the green ticks format of the roadmap, its simple and very clear

Good job already and keep up the good work o7

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Well, the russian T35 tank got an extra increased repair time. I can’t get the sense in that.

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What did you mean by “break even” without a premium account

So if i get a kill in my challenger 2 then die ill break even?

Actually enjoying the extra SL I am getting from the reduce in the repair cost and the increase in the gain.
Not struggling to keep a good amount of SL.


Don’t be fooled guys, don’t be fooled…


I belive there is an error in the reparation cost of P-47 d-30 for Italy (Realistic) It is (should be) the same plane used by china, but it has the reparation cost about 3 times higher. (9.2KSL vs 3,1 KSL) and even higher than the P-47N-15

old New Difference
P-47D-25 3.035 3.331 296
P-47D-28 3.035 4.496 1.461
P-47N-15 5.517 8.234 2.717
P-47D-30 (China) 2.903 3.149 246
P-47D-30 (Italy) 5.583 9.225 3.642

this make no sense at all under the new policy.


Great positive changes, hope they stay in the game.
Roadmap tick style is good and easy to understand. o7

They have different rank, so they have different repair cost, the Italian plane is one tier higher.


Tired of being nice. Nice band-aid, but you are too slow and I simply do not trust you anymore (even less so after your ham-handed stifling of the community through your brilliant forum changes). Implement the premium account change you have slated for summer now. Speed up fixing the rotten core of your game monetization strategy now. Just waiting to see how long it takes you to slowly creep away from even these modest changes back to your old ways. Feedback from a paying customer.


So does this mean the kill reward (bonus for certain amount of kills achieved) is also implemented?

Appreciate these changes

Overall seems good.

On a second note, where are the plans for ground RP and SL reduction? Looking at the road map I can only find reductions for high rank air (summer update) and for naval (autumn update).

Sorry for double post, I cant edit my previous one

Regarding the spreadsheet, it would be very nice if you could make the header always visible when scroling down.


Am I still the only one having a game crash at launch?
The game stops working with crash ID 92467dd0f2 since the last update.
It’s getting pretty frustrating, especially as the update was posted a while ago.
I wanted to know if the problem came from somewhere else or if it’s an internal problem with the game?

Has anyone played yet and noticed if the changes are good so far?

Even vehicles should have premium repair costs but not premium vehicle rewards.