Do only French jets drift left or right?

I started researching top-tier French jets. I noticed that planes drift left or right after maneuvering. When I try to compensate for the turn, the plane starts to drift in the opposite direction. This can be annoying when you want to bomb something, especially when you don’t have a indicator line in CCRP mode.

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You need to use your turn coordinator to maintain a proper turn… also when you rolled out, you’re still slightly banked, which is why you’re “drifting”.

The rudder is not used to turn, it’s used to control yaw during turns. Banking is how you turn.

Rudder - Yaw.

But I noticed this in French jets so far. I had no issue with other nation jets.

I’m not sure - do you normally use SAS and maybe it’s unavailable in your French aircraft? I have never used SAS or French aircraft , but from your video you’re not rolling to perfectly wings level attitude (you’re banking about a degree to the right so you’re turning to the right).

It may also be, if you’re used to SAS, that without it you’re slightly out of trim. I personally use the “auto trim” button to trim my aircraft (except for rudder, which I have a knob to adjust trim).

I’m using SAS with damping or auto-leveling. In both modes, even if I perfectly level the aircraft, it turns to the right or left. When I take, for example, the Sea Harrier FRS.1 and turn auto-leveling on, it flies straight after maneuvering when I take my hand off the stick.

What happens if you turn off SAS?

Using Dampening mode on other planes keeps you coordinated. This is a bug and it affects chinese jets also. After manuevering with dampening mode your ball should be centered once straight and level but its not and thats what causes the drift. This is not normal and not how our pseudo fly by wire systems or yaw/pitch/roll dampeners are supposed to work.

The only workaround is to switch momentarily to manual mode then dampening, this is essential before doing a bomb run or trying to gain maximum speed by being coordinated.


So, there’s I found plenty of reports about this issue. But there are different problems in different nations.
Some aircrafts drifting, some aircrafts descending.
As allways some of these reports weren’t noticed by tech-mods.