Do gaijin really have detailed information about new vehicles?

As the title, i want to know that where did gaijin get the information about vehicles, and still have some fake data, as the ZSL92, it doesnt have AP round, but gaijin still make a fake AP for it, ive saw that some Israel players said that Namer30 has wrong pertection performance, it should be better
so i want to know that what information were gaijin used to mode new vehicles and why gaijin dont show them to us


Namer 30 isn’t in War Thunder at this time, so no one knows what its protection will be.
As for ZSL-92; Can you speak Mandarin? Cause if not, you cannot know if the ZSL-92 can or cannot use AP rounds.
ZSL-92 and PGZ04A use the same ammo caliber.

The operation manual of ZSL92 does not include AP ammunition, only have HE and APDS, and… Namer30 is already in Dev server

Dev server is not the current version of the game, it’s a specific dev client that gives us access to functioning models they’re working on.
All of which are objectively incomplete until the major update releases.

Also if APDS is listed, it can fire AP.

OK, then tell me are you have any idea about AP round about ZSL92? it just a round which shouldnt there for ZSL92

AP rounds can be FMJ with lead or steel cores, usually steel.
APDS is objectively harder to make and harder on the barrel than AP rounds, Gaijin’s Chinese consultant clearly knows how to get information.

and the trend continues with the Vextra as well its kind of sad tbh

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so gaijin added a shell to ZSL92 that was not actually used and removed a shell that was actually used, is it consistent with historical facts?
dont tell me about balance, if the game is really balance, russian wont get a 40km shoot range ATGM

i really want that gaijin show the information they used to model the new vehicle

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Not sure why you’d want the ZSL-92 to be 7.7+ in BR TBH when there are already anti-air options there.

NDAs, licensing, and other laws prevent them.

so players cant use confidential Information but gaijin can? gaijin only need to show which documents, archives, books and players can find content in the materials by their own way, you are just trying to cover up any potential bias towards gaijin in the future

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You can use confidential information all you like - but you can’t publish in this forum.

Gaijin also doesn’t publish it in this forum.

They have said in the past that they often get information that is under an NDA, or some other form of constraint so they cannot publish it, sometimes even that they have it or that it exists.

And to publish partial information would just wind up winey toe-rags …🤔🤔

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Where Gaijin’s information come from? What we found is classified. What about Gaijin’s?
Gaijin can’t change it because it’s classified, so what does it say in the original file?
Can’t just have a vehicle model, and then make ammunition and other equipment casually, used to disgust players?

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I didn’t say confidential, I said law-limited.

Eagle Dynamics and Gaijin Entertainment are under no obligation to disclose, publish, or talk about the source material they have.
Refer to the quoted comment above.

The fact is that they can fabricate a completely non-existent data and freely modify it under the guise of so-called balance. War Thunder has never been a realistic game, but a competitive game.