VEXTRA 105: A Major Disappointment That Can Still Be An Exciting Addition!


The “Seek & Destroy” major update is adding a new ground vehicle for France: the much-anticipated VEXTRA 105 (Véhicule EXTRAordinaire = EXTRAordinary Vehicle) technology demonstrator prototype will soon be joining France’s tech tree. This vehicle marks a milestone in France’s tech tree as it is France’s first Light Tank to make its introduction in the top-tier line-up… Or is it?

My goal here is to create a dedicated thread to both discuss the VEXTRA 105 and give the Developers feedback about this vehicle.

Our excitement and anticipation about the VEXTRA 105:

Before diving into specifics, I want to convey to the Developers that we are all very excited about the VEXTRA 105’s inclusion in the upcoming update. France finally getting top-tier Light Tanks is a significant development, and starting this trend with the VEXTRA 105 is simply amazing. The modelling of the vehicle is masterfully done as always, especially the camo net.

Our disappointment and need for historical accuracy

However, from what I have gathered, most of France’s player base is disappointed by the VEXTRA 105 in its current form and many would like to see it be more historically accurate. Let’s explore the issues.

The VEXTRA 105 is under-performing in many aspects (plenty of historical inaccuracies):

The VEXTRA 105 is an impressive technology demonstrator, developed from the 1990s to the late 2000s. It should be able to achieve extraordinary tasks (pun intended), yet it is currently underperforming in several areas. Here is a list of the historical inaccuracies:

Thanks to @Bossman919 for his dedication to fixing the VEXTRA 105.

The impact of the high number of inaccuracies on the community’s welcoming of the vehicle:

All in all, I believe the extensive list above shows how little work the Devs put in researching the VEXTRA 105. Everybody knows that first impressions matter, and the Developers should know by now that showing the player-base how little they researched a vehicle before putting it on the Dev server wipes out any ounce of positivity the player-base could demonstrate.

Players are not only looking to see the VEXTRA 105 being added in-game, players also want to have fun while playing this vehicle. Not putting any research into said vehicle is the best way to ensure the players won’t be having fun playing this vehicle, which ultimately ends up in negativity.

Hopefully the issues above will be fixed before the end of the Dev server and perhaps the Devs will learn from this feedback for the future.

BR & Tier placement concerns:

Currently, the VEXTRA 105 is sitting at BR 8.7. While this is probably a placeholder, the BR given to a vehicle during a Dev server usually gives the player base an approximate idea of its final placement in terms of BR, Tier, and position in the tech tree.

Placing the VEXTRA 105 at BR 8.7 is incorrect and should be changed … if the historical inaccuracies, are fixed. Once fixed, the VEXTRA 105 should be placed at a much higher BR. I suggest a BR of 9.7-10.0 and at Tier VII. This placement would be appropriate for a vehicle of this calibre and era, allowing it to use the thermals-equipped micro-drone, which also fit late 2000s vehicles.


The VEXTRA 105 is a welcomed addition that could be seriously game-changing for France’s tech tree. Unfortunately, the vehicle has a large number of historical inaccuracies and performance issues that require fixing so that it can live up to its promising potential as a top-tier light tank.

We realize that development is complex and requires much effort in creating these vehicles; still, good representation of vehicles added in War Thunder is what maintains player satisfaction and engagement.

I invite other players to express their thoughts and notes because the collective voice is one way the Developers will consider modifications. We can ensure the VEXTRA 105 will not only be a notable addition but a truly extraordinary one.

Good tanking and I hope I will see you all on the battlefield.


They need to give it at least the armor / mobility upgrade, make it 9.0 and the most manoeuvrable vehicule in this br range


It’s also missing 100 horsepower.

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Good call. That’s missing from the main post. Its insane how wrong the Vextra is currently.


I think we should be getting a server update tomorrow. Fingers crossed we get some fixes.


All said and done, I’m curious if it’ll actually go higher than 9.0 with all the necessary changes

Added to the original post, thank you !

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There’s more things wrong than correct about it currently.
To be perfectly fair, only the model is correct. Pretty much all the rest is wrong … Pretty sad.
I hope it’s going to be fixed soon.
It is after all one of the most loved and anticipated vehicles by France military enthusiasts.


I hope it all gets corrected…honestly if the whole list is put forth, it definitely becomes a necessary competitor to the M1128 MGS in terms of gameplay.


This is also what I’m hoping for. The VEXTRA isn’t just some lowly 105 wheeled vehicle. It is perhaps the most advanced 105 wheeled vehicle ever developed and it should be represented as such in-game.


Agreed. It also gives France more of a lineup at high ranks if it gets fixed. Currently France doesn’t have anything Rank VII and Rank VIII beyond MBT’s and AA. Give it the advanced ammunition and make it Rank VII/10.0. so it can be paired with the Leclerc’s for diversity.


Absolutely. I find it astounding that to this day, France, the country that employs the largest variety of Light Tanks / wheeled vehicles still doesn’t have any top tier Light Tanks …


I’m all for thoses bug report to be correct and i have absolutly no problem looking the Vextra going at 9.7(i’m not a pro at judging BRs). It would reinforce this lacking lineup and rank, while the 8.7 is already completly good and self-sufficient.


I would love it at 9.7 to expand the lineup but if it goes to 10.0 that’s fine with me to start to expand France’s brs


hopefully they don’t delay the fixes or add them in batches. Good thing is that the reports were made early


If it goes to 9.7, then there’s a new BR gap that Gaijin might have to try and fix


Lots of this happening in those reports.

I wonder what it means?


Centaur is 9.7 with super high mobility.
CTCV has autoloader and on the 10.0.
Rooikat is at 9.3 bcs of the worst gun controll and paper armor, but it has DM33.
And I don’t think VEXTRA has auto-loader or higher mobility or DM33 or 6.7s loading speed and worth at the BR 9.7 or 10.0. The loading speed is the same as AMX-10 currently, 1.2 second slower than Rooicat and Centaur.
You know, stablizer, auto-loader, LRF and thermal only worth half BR, I mean 0.3 or 0.6 BR, they has the same weights.
It’s just a AMX-10 with a stablizer, under the game situation. If it doesn’t have a better ammo, only worth 9.0, or with a better ammo, at 9.3.


Wich one?

Our main actual gap for ground for me is 9.7/11.3.

Sure if vextra goes 9.7 this don’t gonna help the actual biggest gap but this would not creat another one but the reverse: its gonna add a 3rd vehicle to the 9.7 “lineup”, making it an MBT, a light tank(vextra), and a butchered Roland.

But 8.7 is a fully made lineup and won’t suffer at all by the lack of the Vextra.


Afaik it should have this reload, similar to other similar 105