Do gaijin actually mistreat Britain as much as I hear they do?

There are some things that stand out as being weird, like the centurion Mk.3 has no right to be 7.7, it’s completely trash there.

And I haven’t gotten to them yet but I always hear about how “they’re slow without much armor to compensate for it” and “their guns complete trash at their BR placement” so is there something I’m missing?

there has to be it would just be weird if the challengers are so over tiered and no one is talking about it.

also why is the Churchill Mk.1 3.3 it’s so extremely bad there?

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British vehicles are typically less aggressive and have less post pen than other vehicles. That means they are a bit less forgiving than other vehicle types- less beginner friendly and requiring more patience and discipline to play. But by no means are they bad- for example, Britain has by far the most powerful 7.7 lineup.


Shell shattered
All i have to say on that point


The issue with the Challenger 2s is three-fold

Mobility is one of the CR2s weakest traits IRL, but it has a number of issues that serverly affect its handling. Trying to turn in the CR2 is like slamming on the handbrake (this might be finally being fixed at least partially) but has a number of related issues, like its acceleration being too low.

Survivability. Challenger 2 is one of the most heavily armoured tanks IRL, but in game, it is missing a LOT of its protection. Most of the bug reports are related to its protection. Its hard to get data for it that isnt classified, so that causes issues. Where data is lacking, the devs seem to prefer under-performance than over performance.

Fire-power. This is tricky. but the really big bit is that L27A1 shells on the CR2 (and other shells like DM53) are designed to perforate ERA plates on soviet tanks. That feature is currently missing. Meaning L27A1 has one of the lowest pens of all NATO tanks. On top of potential general underperformacne as well. Fire rates are also a balancing decision, with CR2 apparently able to acheive up to a 3 second fire rate, but in game its about 6.

You can read up on the bug reports here:

Then the general ground tree is lacking. With them choosing to give us more MBTs rather than any light tanks or IFVs for top tier. We now have 6 MBTs, 1 Premium MBT and 1 ATGM launcher and thats it for top tier. This leaves us strong is some areas, but completely unable to adapt to situations. ADATS is our SPAA system but its classed as an ATGM launcher in game and therefore does not benefit from the reduced SP costs of SPAA.

Stormer HVM currently doesnt work, the Starstreaks phase straight through air targets quite often.

In air the situation looks fine on paper, but the biggest issue is the lack of additions. Harrier Gr7 and Tornado Gr1 are “fine” but the Gr1 is missing loads of features and is underperforming quite badly at the moment. Tornado F3 at 11.3 being added after 12 was just insulting and its totally DOA in an uptier, but perfectly usable if you are against 11.3s or below.

we are only now getting a 12+ aircraft this coming major update, but its from South Africa not Britain in the form of the Gripen C. which is a great aircraft, but its a bit of a shame. But thats it for the entire year. The Tornado F3 and the Gripen C, 9 months apart

SRAAM and Red Tops, 2 unique briitsh A2A missiles are really buggy at the moment, and just dont work anywhere near as well as they should be.

In Naval, our top tier Battleships are 15 inch guns, and to balance them, they have a massive increase in shell dispersal, which really badly nerfs them.

I cant comment massively below top tier much these days, ive not played lower tiers in years, but APDS and solid shot always underperforms and is really hard to use. We have some really great vehicles, but they are unfrotuantely few and far between and most could be great, just they are missing… something.

This video really does sum it up quite well:





Why do you think that ?
It’s one of the rare vehicles that have full stabilization at that BR, which is a massive advantage on it’s own.

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I feel like we’ve had this conversation before. If not with you I’ve definitely discussed shell shatter of 20pndr APDS with someone else
Just aim better. That’s the discipline I mentioned. Take the time to learn how to aim on common opponents, and then time in battle to aim with more precision. Shell shatter only really happens on plate joints and like strv 103s. Aiming at the large flat areas of a tank’s hull or moderately curved parts of a turret will result in no shatter whatsoever.
Right side on NATO tanks and left side of Soviet pattern vehicles when faced frontally, and hull center or turret centre (but not aggregate centre mass) when side on. Rear take out engine then turret.

We have
I say it shatters constantly and does almost no post pen damage
You say just aim better
I don’t play that br any more due to APDS nerfs
I play top tier now where yes still not good my dart can do damage

Whilst true… the issue is that “learning where to aim” is a sheer learning curve that other nations just dont have to deal with. I have seen so many people say things like “I tried to play Britain, but gave up because it was too hard. So I swapped to X nation” Which is a real shame

I think there is the general running gag of “if you want to have fun, Play Soviets or Germany, if you want ot learn shot placement, play Britain”

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UK is just War Thunder at a harder setting. It is just a shame for anybody who plays it as their main nation first.

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Played Russia at 8.0 and see people get their shells shattered on my and i respond with my APHE which just kills

My only nation, not just my first nation.

Ask yourself a question OP.

When was the last time you saw, read or heard of any thread, post or topic anywhere with ‘British Vehicle X is OP pls nerf!’

The week after the Harrier GR1 was unleashed (then up-tiered faster than you can say ‘jump jet’) was maybe the only time I can remember since 2014. Otherwise yes, Britain often gets the crappy end of the stick despite being a ‘major’ tech tree.

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Wyvern… :D

Everyone complains about that, though only because it has airspawn and really doesnt need it.

But yeah, it is a good question

Fortunately, I came in as Germany then Russia.

Ironically I (on average) have the most fun playing Britain.
You’re usually more able to rely on your team, unlike the Germans, Americans, or especially the Soviets.
Plus I just like chonkers with good armour and firepower.

Bugger - forgot about that.

‘Aside from the Harrier GR1 (for one week) plus the Wyvern’.

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I probably need to level another nation, was maybe thinking france. But as brit, I just want to use the stuff I see IRL at things like air shows, or even on the street. Seen more than a few CR2s in my area

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We have some fun stuff. but we could just do with some TLC, thats all.

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Playing the UK makes you think outside the box and that can seem bad, but I actually got my head around it. I am afraid I do use the fast capture vehicles and the Wythern to make it work sometimes. Moving the Comet up from 5.3 really pissed on my parade and I left the UK tree for a long time. Th latest Churchill is very nice at 4.3, done well with that.

Just making that move into 6.0 and a little lost to be honest. Got the Centurion as any Brits would but what next?